April 26, 2016


Frederick, MD


Sister Olsen

Transfer time!

Well Folks, time to say farewell to Walkersville. I will miss these people so terribly, and saying goodbye will be very hard. I am excited for my new adventure, though!

This week was pretty cool, we taught Beverly and Stacey on Monday night and the spirit was SO strong. It just makes me laugh because all of our lessons with Beverly are always amazing but you just never know, with her. Ah well. Just gotta keep trying to get her to come to church.

On Wednesday morning we did service for a man named Matthew Bowerman and he is.... amazing. he is a non- member and he is on Broadway, so obviously Sis O and I bombarded him with questions and he asked a lot of questions and him and I gushed about Urinetown and I told him I was Little Sally and he took us inside and showed us all his copious amounts of sheet music and CD's and we started playing and singing Broadway songs and I had forgotten that part of me a little bit so it was nice. he was wonderful and gave us a lot of advice about ambition and being a kind person and he was just wonderful. He gave us the sheet music to "Who Will Love Me as I Am?" Form Sideshow and said, "go practice this. I want you two to sing this and perform it for me before you leave." So that has been fun.

On Thursday Sister Olsen had a Cardiology appointment and I decided I hate D.C. too (just the traffic congestion and the mass of people). It was at the Children's National Hospital and I could see the Washington Monument from the window so that was pretty cool. Sister Cleveland and I did logic puzzles while doctors were all up in Sister Olsen's business. It was a fun day. She's doing great for someone who has a bad heart! lol. I am going to miss her so much! I love her.

Brother Pedersen spoke in church on Sunday. Which was cool, because he doesn't usually come to church at all. his talk was powerful and it made me weep. It was about God's abiding love and how, even though the journey is unfair, He will never forsake us. Sister Olsen and I sang in Sacrament again and it was a lovely last Sunday to have in the Walkersville Ward.

One more thing, the Elders have been trying to scare us all week by putting this creepy clown in our door but we took it without them knowing and our district leader snuck into their house and put it into their windowsill and now they think there is a possessed clown in Walkersville. Random story hahaha!

I love you all! sorry I have no time. I'll be emailing you form Ellicot City next week. I love you all and you all - especially Carol's family - are in my prayers.
Sister Sanborn


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