April 18, 2016


Frederick, MD


Sister Olsen

G.I. Jane

Sister Olsen was really sick when she woke up on Monday and it didn't really get better. We were stuck inside until Thursday afternoon. We finally got up and went to the Pedersen's on Thursday and cleaned their kitchen because we NEEDED to get out of the house and try and bless someone because we felt like worthless missionaries. I'm glad we did, but that night, around 9:30... it hit me. The WORST STOMACH PAIN I have ever experienced in my life. I was moaning on the bathroom floor until like 1:30 at night when sister Olsen finally convinced me to try and stand up and lay in bed instead. none of the medicine I took helped, and that was a terrible nights sleep. I was sick until Sunday morning, but on Saturday we were so sick and tired of being inside that we thought we could do some more low-key things.

We went and saw Maxine and she just started bawling when we rang her doorbell because she "missed us to the moon and back" and I was like whoa, it's only been a few days, Maxine. Crazy lady, but I sure do love her. she outright screamed when I told her I was going to be transferred (probably) in ten days or so, and she is going to write a strongly worded letter to President about it. "They can't do this to me!!! Don't they know I have little time left here on this earth??!?! I am an old lady and I need my girl with me!" haha. it was sweet.

We helped Anna McClatchie get ready for prom and I was fondly reminded of the days I would be cranky with my mother before a dance because of something trivial.
Sorry mom.
Anyway. Sunday I was still feeling yucky but you can't just not go to church, so we did. and I'm very glad. The Lord blesses those who put their trust in Him. We had a miracle yesterday. Yesterday, a young mother came into Gospel Principles and her and I got to talking. It turns out she is actually Beverly's daughter (!!!!!!), who had heard about the church from her mother and wanted to come check it out. Stacey is her name and she stayed for Relief Society and afterward told Sister Olsen and I that she had never been in a place in her entire life where the people were so kind to her, and she mentioned a few times that there was "Something different about the way this church felt." It was really awesome. She wants to learn more and is really eager, and we have an appointment set up with her tonight. After church, we tried stopping by Beverly's home, and for once, we actually caught her! We talked for a long time and she finally confessed why she hadn't been coming to church or meeting with us. It was because she was so ashamed about her inability to quit smoking. She said she didn't feel worthy to go to church, and that everyone there seemed so perfect. We reassured her over and over that the church was a hospital for sinners and that everyone is battling a demon, no matter what, and that's WHY we need the church, and WHY we need the Savior, most of all.
We resolved her concern and she agreed to meet with us, and three of her daughters on Wednesday night,. We KNOW she needs this and we are excited to help her get back on the path. She better come to church for reals this time, that lady. I love her.
Anyway. That's all the news for this week. Lots of LOVE.
-Sister Sanborn

My new favorite quote
"I believe there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people." -VanGough


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