April 11, 2016


Frederick, MD


Sister Olsen

I'm a squirrel whisperer:)

Hey Y'all.
first things first... I don't know about everyone else in the world...but conference is making ALL THESE MISSIONARIES sUUUPer Marriage hungry. Like all the elders and Sisters CANNOT stop talking about stinkin Marriage. Everyone wants to get married. I'm over here like.... that's not what I got out of conference at ALL. Sheesh. I just really like Elder Holland telling me I'm not a failure, idk (I don't know) about you. but in all honesty, since conference I have realized that literally EVERYTHING that we believe and do in the church revolves around the idea of Eternal Families. EVERYTHING! no wonder these missionaries be getting so trunky:) haha.

We finally saw Maxine again after it being a long time. The Elders went over to check on her and then she called us right after they left and said,"I didn't realize how much I missed you girls until those handsome boys came over. come over tomorrow." So we did. We didn't stay very long because Sister Olsen's heart was acting up, but we sang Onward Christian Soldiers to her and she loved it. She was clapping the whole time we sang. I love that lady. I told her my family would be back in 2018 to see her and she just looked at me and said, "Well, I'm 93 years old honey, they better make it snappy." Haha. We do love her very much.

On Friday night, we stopped by (idk if you remember them, it's been a while since sister Bartschi and I taught them the Restoration) Travis and Sarah's house and they let us in and were very excited to see us as always, and then Sarah's sassy neighbor came over as well and we all started talking about marriage and life and religion. Sassy neighbor lady asked us a LOT of questions and then proceeded to vent about her husband problems and Sarah kept giving her wine and saying, "this will make it go away." And It was actually a lot of fun and they kept making comments about "Wow, I'm glad you ladies are out here doing it. We all need Jesus really bad around these parts." and they kept saying stuff and making jokes like that and I kind of got annoyed so I just said, "It's funny that you keep saying that, but you won't actually do anything about it." and they all kind of stared at me and I was like shoot.. this is the end of my life, but then Sarah turned to Travis and said "Baby.. she just called us out. She's right." We told them to come to church.
All I have to say is I AM SO grateful I grew up in the home I did. I learned that your husband should be your confidant and that you should never whine about him in front of anyone, that your kids should probably not watch you sit and get drunk, and that husbands and wives should be loving and faithful. yeah..... there was none of that going on with Travis and Sarah and sassy neighbor lady. nu-uh. BUT TRAVIS CAME TO CHURCH!!!! That was basically wonderful.

Aiden got baptized! He's an 8 year old boy with a member mother and a non member father... so he isn't a convert baptism. I have never seen them at church, and we've been teaching him everything since day one. He didn't even really know about Jesus at all. It has been so wonderful teaching him and at his baptism yesterday, I have never seen a child more filled with light in my life. I felt like all the sad things that ever happened to me didn't even matter because of this one happy moment. It was so good for my soul to see him be baptized. As soon as he came out of the water, he was beaming up at his grandpa. It was a beautiful moment.
Him and his family came to church too. I felt prompted to bear my testimony, since it will probably be the last time in Walkersville Ward to do so, so I went up and I talked a little bit about how the experience was of teaching Aiden. His father, who is not a member, sad there with tears streaming down his face. You could tell they were tears of pride for his son. I was like DON'T you HIDE from the TRUTH! haha but seriously. Coolest thing ever. I love that Aiden.
Also.....yes, I was trying to talk to a squirrel and
sister olsen and I bought like a 2 pound bag of coconut jellybeans. they're the best.
Also.. if you haven't ever seen Out of the Mouth of Babes... watch it....
LOVE YOU ALL! Make tomorrow magnificent!
-Sister Sanborn


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