March 28, 2016


Frederick, MD


Sister Olsen

Happy Easter! He lives!

Heyyyy Everybody! sorry about the lame group email last week. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. It's so amazing to be a missionary during these kinds of holidays. Everything we do is in the name of our Savior, and it's so exciting to see everyone celebrate him. I also love the Easter videos that came on

So, on Tuesday morning, we usually have district meetings, but this time we had ours on Wednesday, so on Tuesday, after our studies, we were getting ready to go out for the day and the phone rings. I figure it's just the Elders calling us to bug us as usual:), but I look down at the phone and it says Kate Jones. I almost stopped breathing NO LIE because idk if y'all remember Kate but she was the one who made us tea and talked about her AA and is super awesome and we hadn't heard from her in WEEKS. Anyway she called and asked us to go to lunch with her and go on a walk because she had to talk to us about some stuff. As soon as we hung up we were like jumping up and down and acting like children and praising God for his glorious miracles. It was great, but not what we expected. I think we expected Kate to tell us she read the BOM and wanted to be baptized or something but nah. she just told us how she kept meeting all these people in a row that were Christian and that she felt like God was trying to tell her something. And she told us how she sat next to this guy in a plane and convinced her to accept Jesus into her life. She did. all she had to do was recite a prayer, and now she's "saved" apparently. (LIKE WHERE WERE ALL THE MORMONS WHO ARE ALWAYS ON PLANES???? I feel like Mormons are always on planes talking bout something but no, Kate had to run into someone else) but yeah. basically she's saved now. Haha. She said she wants to start going to a church but not our church because it's too scary. We are going to work more on her.

On Wednesday we decided this no investigators thing really needed to STOP so we decided to fast. Guess what? Fasting WORKS. Haha. We didn't get any new investigators, BUT we got TWO return appointments for tonight. We are so pumped. It's been so long since I taught the Restoration and I'm pumped. GOD IS SO GOOD!

So, on Friday, we ran into this really antagonistic guy (it's always the old Caucasian men) who RIPPED us apart. Told us all of these things like we were walking the path down to hell because we didn't truly know Jesus and the things we claimed to be as missionaries disgrace His very name. that was hard to hear. Good thing I know he's full of bologna:)

More good news...We have an investigator that the Elders gave us. her name is Zaria and she's a beautiful black girl. She's 15 and smokes alot of weed, so that is going to be a stumbling block. She said she would come to church and she didn't so we will stop by sometime tonight. she's been taking the lessons for a long time and knows everything, she just won't commit. She's really really wonderful though. She's very in tune with the spirit and knows the gospel is good for her. We have hopes for her. Also! We felt inspired to stop by Beverly's randomly and invite her to Women's conference (which was wonderful, by the way) and SHE TOTALLY CAME. it was awesome. I'm just 80% convinced Beverly mostly likes the social aspects of church... but she still didn't come on Sunday. Go figure. They said a lot of stuff she needed to hear though. You can always put your money on the prophet.

Anyway! This is going to be a great week because CONFERENCE!! WHOOP! I've never been more excited for conference in my life. The prophet is so good. In the words of President Christiansen, "Approaching conference with a spirit of gratitude and humility demonstrates to the Lord our submission to His will and shows a maturity and recognition that we are completely dependent on Him for the very breath we take."
Let us all be prepared to do so!
I love you all!
Sister Sanborn


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