February 29, 2016


Frederick, MD


Sister Olsen

Yeah I don't really know what's going on right now

That subject line is a summation of my upcoming transfer. haha. Transfers are soon. march 9th. We will find out this Sunday. I really want to stay, because I feel like there's someone here in Walkersville who I haven't found yet, who needs me. It's burning my heart. I told President how I feel. But the Lord's will be done, of course. If I stay in Walkersville another transfer, I will be here for a third of my mission. I'm fine with that. I love it here deeply.

A lot has happened this week. I SAW SISTER BARTSCHI. She came to pick up her bike early early early Wednesday morning and she knocked on our door, I opened it and she tackled me in the tightest hug ever. She just started bawling and said, "I miss you so much I love you you're my greatest friend I miss you"! She is having a really really hard time and I could feel her plea for help in that hug. I don't think I realized how much I missed our friendship until I was thrown back into it for a few minutes. But...I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sister Olsen.

Yes. All of our investigators have been dropped. We are starting a clean slate and lots of finding. Beverly did not come to church. We have no one to teach and we are both really struggling with it. It's hard not to feel like a failure when this happens. We have faith the Lord will help us find those who are prepared to make the covenant of baptism. Wahoo!

Sister Olsen and I decided to not be boring and make yummy food this week! We made delicious tomato basil soup and banana bread and some other things. It has been fun. This week, I feel Sister Olsen and I finally broke down every wall and we are now very comfortable around each other and we now laugh a lot more and are like two peas in a pod. We are very similar and often say what the other is thinking. (This happens like 8 times a day)

There was a CRAZY storm on Wednesday. More rain than I've ever seen. It flooded the roads out in the boonies and it was really a fun time driving out there and almost getting stuck. There's a really funny video of us both screaming in the car that I wish I could send to you! haha. It was really fun and Mother, you would have loved it. Extreme Weather to the MAX!

Alright. Scary story time. It's Friday. Sister Olsen and I are taking a drive up to Woodsboro to see someone, and the drive is beautiful. Rolling green hills and countryside and everything lovely. about halfway up, as we are jamming out to some Primary Tunes, I get this really strong feeling wash over me. It was like the spirit was sitting on my back or something, like nothing I've ever felt before. I just had a few thoughts run through my mind, but I kind of brushed it off. the feeling of sick grossness just got worse and so I shut off the music and say, "Sister Olsen.. I feel weird." and she says "Oh my gosh I'm so glad you said something. I do too." and so she turns around and pulls off the side of the road and we chat about why we might be feeling this way. we decide to say a prayer and immediately this thought comes into my mind. "Go home and Get out of the car. Now." And I shared my thoughts with Sis O and we were both like, "Shoot, Heavenly Father. we can't get out of the car and go home at the same time. aren't we supposed to be doing missionary work? we can't go home in the middle of the day?!?" But the spirit wasn't taking none of that sass mouthin and so we drove home as fast as we could and called the elders. They checked the car and it turns out we were completely out of coolant sooo
that was good. we could have overheated and been stranded in the boonies. so they fixed that and afterward, we went on our way. Although the car was fixed, we still felt very uneasy all day. The saga continues at night, however, when we decided again to travel up to Woodsboro. We made it farther than last time, but again, this heavy.... almost evil feeling came over the both of us. it was so evil... like nothing I've ever felt in my life before. We called Brother Cleveland, on the verge of tears, and asked if we could come to his house and get a blessing. We got there, and we felt evil evil evil until the second we stepped inside the Cleveland's home. There, he gave us both very different and very powerful blessings of strength and comfort. There were lots of things mentioned in both of our blessings that were what we needed, that we didn't even tell him. Really shows there's someone else in charge, you know? Anyway. We felt 100x better as we drove home for the night. As we were driving up, we noticed the window upstairs was open and the Elders were outside our house. They commented on how it was really a terrible Idea to leave our window open all day, and we agreed but we didn't leave it open. As we all stood there talking, I glanced up at the window and someone parted the blinds and looked out at us. The elders saw it too!! FROM INSIDE OUR HOUSE!!!!! What is going on?? I grabbed Sister Olsen and the Elders ran inside (yes, this is the second time this has happened) and knelt down and pronounced a blessing on our home, then went and spent 10 minutes checking all around. After a while, words came back to us from our blessing, and we felt a sense of peace so we went inside. Craaaazy day. Also, the next night, Sister Goode (crazy cat lady in our ward) called us and said that all day she felt like she should tell us this story about how two sisters a few years ago had an experience out by her house with a very evil feeling and stuff. She had no idea what had happened to us the day before as she told us this story. Crazy, huh?

We had a street contact this week that was CRAZY. Most ANTI person we have ever run into, we were just walking down the street and we introduce ourselves and BAM immediately he shoves all this anti Mormon stuff in our face. He says "Yes, I was almost a Mormon once. I have Ex-Mormon temple friends who have told me a lot of messed up things. alright, you two girls are too innocent and naïve to really know anything about the Mormons, so let me be the one to tell you. Joseph smith was a fraud and a liar, the book of Mormon is a sin against Christ, and your secret signs are part of a cult. everything you've ever believed is wrong and you should stop wasting your time" Very demeaning and belittling, not even accepting the fact that we believe something different than him. I was wracked with sorrow at this moment, I just stood there in silence as he went on and on and my heart just broke. How could all of these members, who have experience the sacred joy and peace and truth of the temple covenants, turn away with such hatred and coldness? I couldn't stop thinking about it. Sister Olsen, however, was on fire. I stood there like a quiet mouse and she defended every belief and truth with kindness and such a powerful testimony. He must know a lot about Mormons cause about halfway through our conversation he pointed to Sister Olsen and was like... "She's the senior companion, isn't she?" and I was like HEY I HAVE A LOT TO SAY I'm just too sad to say it hahah When the situation was getting out of hand, she interrupted him and said, "No matter what we say, we are not going to convince each other of anything. I can see you don't have an open heart, and we have other things to do, so we are going to be on our way; but I want to tell you: Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. The Book of Mormon is divine and another testament of our Savior Jesus Christ, who loves you very much. I can feel his love for you and I hope you have a wonderful day. Goodbye." and I was just like... dang. Sister Olsen was on cloud nine afterward, and so was I. Having to fight for what you believe really makes the truth of it burn in your soul.

We sang in sacrament meeting. the spirit was very strong and we made the whole bishopric cry :) We sang Nearer my God to Thee and it was powerful and wonderful. I feel like that is my favorite way to bear my testimony, is through song. People said kind things to us all day, but we know it was the spirit, not us.

I eat lots of frosted flakes. Fun fact" The generic Malt-o-Meal brand is SOOO much better. Tony the Tiger is a liar.

I think that's mostly everything. I love you all, sorry for the long email. Be good! Stay strong!!
Sister Sanborn

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Jeshua Osorio says:
Awesome letter!
on March 1, 2016

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