February 22, 2016


Frederick, MD


Sister Olsen

Goooooooood Morning America!!

So! It's been a fun week. Emotional and happy and long and hard and great as always.

When we aren't visiting investigators we are usually visiting less actives and talking to people on the street, sometimes we tract, but not often. It's more like a filler activity for when we don't have other appointments.

News about Beverly! Sister Olsen and I stopped by her house and gave her a really blunt Drop talk. We said, "Beverly, you are going to come to church or we are going to have to drop you." and she did not like the idea of being dropped one bit. SO WE NEED HER TO COME TO CHURCH!!! It's really hard, when the investigators feel the music of the gospel but they are too lazy to dance. But I refuse to give up on her. So. Keep you posted on that.

The weather here has been fun. A lot warmer with rain. These rain boots are the best things I own, I have had a party splashing in puddles all week. On Thursday I thought I was jumping on a puddle and it turns out I didn't see the layer of Ice on the top... I slipped and fell and bruised my shin and sent Sister Olsen into a fit of laughter. It was great. hahaha.

I realized on Wednesday night something very profound. Sister Olsen said something to me that made me realize that I have a lot of things about my life that I have not been willing to change. How can I expect our investigators to make the necessary changes in their lives to be closer to the Savior, when I won't even fix some of my own things? I learned a very powerful lesson about humility and I'm currently working on that. Sister Olsen is very honest with me and I love her so much. She is helping me grow more than I could have imagined.

Something else I realized this week - I am a clean freak. We did a lot of cleaning. . A LOT. I have always taken for granted how clean my home was. (Sorry Mom) and now that I am out here and I am doing dishes for a less active who has mold in her fridge and cat poop in the sink and snake skin under the oven (not a lie) AND DOESN'T even own a broom..... Let's just say I'm grateful for these lessons I am learning on how much better you can feel the spirit in a home that is CLEAN. Amen.

Ah, missionary work is so fulfilling. I love being out here. I really do.
Thank you for all of your prayers. I love you all sooooo dearly.-Sister Sanborn

**Her companion has a serious heart condition, so if everyone who reads this please keep Sister Olsen in your prayers. Thanks.**


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