February 8, 2016


Frederick, MD


Sister Olsen


This week was a LOT better. Sister Olsen and I get along great, we are very similar. I have no complaints about her. she struggles a lot with feeling confident and hates teaching in front of big groups of people, but we are working on that. :)Things are very different with Sister Olsen. but they are still good. just different.
She made me do a lot of Tracting this week which I thought I was going to hate but I didn't. It's super gutsy and I rather like it, even though it is definitely not the most effective way of finding people. People are USUALLY pretty nice. usually.

I'm so glad the Broncos won. My mission really IS blessing my family. ;)

Something we wanted to focus on this week is really helping the members feel the spirit as we go into their homes, so with every message, Sister Olsen and I will sing a song. We will harmonize to "Where Can I Turn for Peace?" or "I Believe in Christ" and we have found that nothing invites the Spirit faster than singing a hymn as part of our spiritual message. Brother Pederson even texted us this morning after we sang for him last night and thanked us for the spirit we invited into his life, it was the highlight of his day. My heart was so grateful in that moment that the Lord is pushing me to bless people with a talent I have been given. Brother Pederson needs it now more than ever, and I'm so grateful that the Lord is aware.

We stopped in at Kate's home this week, and had another really wonderful discussion over some herbal passion tea. The tea was a gift from us that we had dropped off at her home a few days ago, with a BOM and our testimonies. She loved the tea but said she wasn't sure if she was ready to read the BOM. We read verses from the Bible and the BOM and we made a plan of little things she could do to invite the spirit more in her life. She texted us the next day and said waking up with a prayer and some Bible Study really brought a greater light and peace in her life. She said we can keep coming back with her, she really enjoys our company and she said, "Who knows, by the end of your time here, you might make me a Mormon." hahha. We love her greatly and are very lucky we found her, and that the Lord is trusting us with her.

Also, it was really cool, Sister Christiansen (mission pres wife) took Sister Olsen and I out to lunch at this yummy Mexican restaurant and she had me give her advice on how to make the mission blog look better. Hahah. I showed her how to work some things and hopefully she will start to feel more comfortable running it. I love her so much, after I asked her how Sister Bartschi was doing, she just laughed and said, "She is going to have quite the time training someone who isn't nearly as easy as you." It was sweet.

On Friday, I got to go to the temple. It could not have been more perfect timing. We had a wonderful day with Sister Pederson. She took us to the Temple and It was so good to be dressed in white, sitting in the celestial room with her and my wonderful companion. sister Olsen looked at me while we sat on the white couch and she said. "I'm very glad that you are the companion I got to share this with." I love her very much.

Anyway. I love you all so much. Thank you for your prayers and kindness. Keep on keepin' on.
fun facts about my mission life
1. the only cereal I eat is frosted flakes. only one. idk why but I'm obsessed with them.. all I have eaten for breakfast for 4 months. not even sad.
2) I watched Saturday's Warrior last night and basically I am very upset that you have hidden this beautiful treasure from me all my life. I LOVED IT
3)All Sister O and I do is sing beatles songs. All day. Every day. I mean... we sing hymns sometimes too but not really. Hey Jude and Paperback Writer and Eight Days a Week are frequently sung between the two of us. And yes, we harmonize. Sometimes we forget there are people around and then they look at us weird. oops

Love ya!


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