January 26, 2016


Frederick, MD


Sister Bartschi

Holy Snow Batman!



but really, I feel like I have nothing to really say other than I almost went insane being cooped in for so long.

Sis B is leaving me :( It is way hard to say goodbye on the mission. I don't want to do it without her. :( :( :( I'm still staying in Frederick though.. so that's good.

But basically... transfers are the worst. We all did something together. We told stories and laughed and made plans for 2K17. Hahaha it was so good. I love my krew so much. We all went to lunch today for the last time and Cornholio and Sis B both cried. It was super sad. It's almost harder to say goodbye to people here than when you leave home...
We also went to the Clevelands last night and that was sad. Sis B cried when saying goodbye to them too. When we drove back, I started singing "God Be With You Til We Meet Again" and Mama Cleveland came in singing alto and Jared came in singing Tenor and Uncle Frank came in singing base and Sis b just sat there and cried. But it was beautiful as well.

Moving on, Beverly will not answer any of our calls or texts or the door so that's super super sad. We think she didn't have the strength to quit smoking and that she's ashamed to see us. Which is ridiculous. Absolutely. We miss her desperately! We DID get to do a few hours of service for one of our new investigators, though. So that was really wonderful. We are very blessed.

There's been a lot of opportunities for service this week. We spent many hours cleaning and shoveling snow. Our job is to bless and I love the chance to do it through hard work.

I get my new comp tomorrow. We are moving forward.

Quote from Elder Holland that got me through the week and is still getting me through:
"If there is anyone in this room who thinks this experience is not easy, then welcome to the church. Welcome to the gospel. Welcome to the life of apostles and prophets. Welcome to the life of the Savior, who knows quite a bit about cups from which one does not want to drink, and paths that one does not particularly want to walk."

Love you all.

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Jeshua Osorio says:
Love that quote. I'm going to print that one up and put it on my mirror!
on January 26, 2016

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