January 19, 2016


Frederick, MD


Sister Bartschi


I have transfers coming up on the 27th. So soon. we have a feeling Sis B will get transferred. I really hope I stay. My heart belongs to Walkersville. (I mean it still belongs to Lehi but you know what I mean)
BEVERLY. ahh. she has literally ignored every phone call and every text and never answers her door. We have no other news than that and we have no idea what is going on. :(
We have 4 new investigators though. A mom and her kids!!! They are awesome. The ward has already fellowshipped them like insaaane and this is why I love this ward so much. among other things. :)

Our district though.We are the best of friends. Seriously, we have done a lot together this week and we are all getting really sad for this upcoming transfer. Seriously.... some of the best friends I have ever had. Without a doubt. I will literally hunt them down after my mission and force them to hang out with me. I haven't really talked about them as much as they have really been vital in this last transfer, because I've figured you've wanted to hear more about the work and not the play.... but seriously. These people are amazing and I'm going to miss the heck out of them. Monday will be our last day together as a crew and we are planning on making it a good one.

So... it's been a really emotional week because Sis B was sick on thursday Friday and Saturday, so that gave me a LOT of time to sit on reflect. On frday night it was pouring rain and I thought she had been inside too long so I forced her to put on her rain coat and we went outside. It was wonderful. I think it was what we both needed, mentally.

Also, a super awesome miracle happened this week. We got this random text message from an unknown number with just a name and an address. that's it. So, we figured we should do something about it. So we went to the Address because it was like 5 minutes from our house and we knocked on the door, and asked for Laura. this lady comes out and e have a long conversation in the cold. Initially, she is very surprised we are at her door and we don't really know how to explain how we found her. So we just start asking her about her relationship with God. and wow. we were definitely meant to meet her. she told us within the first 5 minutes that she just wants to be baptized. isn't that wonderful;? we are going to teach her this week. she is dealing with a lot and knows she needs God in her life. God's hand working in little ways like this are miracles for us missionaries. Definitely.

Anyway. I love you all. Thanks for your support and love. I simply could not be happier.


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