January 11, 2016


Frederick, MD


Sister Bartschi


Hello. it is short this week.sorry.

We didn't get to meet with Beverly this week.

We DID pick up 2 new investigators this week though! such a miracle. We were out walking around, doing my least favorite thing, Street contacting, when all of the sudden I had a thought that we should go knock on this less actives door. In my head I was like "Why would we do that. we have knocked on her door 30 times and she has never answered." but me being scared of Heavenly Father's humbling powers, I did it anyway. AND GUESS WHAT? She wasn't home. And I was like "well. shocker." But on the way back from her house, we saw these two people walk out of their house and start smoking on their front porch. And Sis B, being the amazing missionary who's actually good at street contacting, she started a conversation with them. We found out that Erica just had a husband pass away (she's like 28) and Sister Bartschi asked a really random question, "How are you coping with your loss??" and Erica just kind of stopped and didn't answer for a long time. and then on Tuesday, a few days later when we were sitting in her home, teaching the restoration, she said the only reason she invited us to come back to see her and her friend was because of that question Sis B asked. She realized she hadn't been coping. anyway. I thought that was really awesome. It was a powerful lesson. We taught her about the Holy Ghost and she just stared at me and said. "I love that. I want that."
Anyway. We are teaching her and her friend next week. Exciting blessings are happening. Elizabeth McClatchie came to that lesson with us. she enters the MTC the same day as Lexie and I adore her. It was awesome.

Read the Book of Mormon, everyone!!!! It's the KEY to lasting conversion/happiness. LOVE YOU ALL!


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