January 4, 2016


Frederick, MD


Sister Bartschi

New Years and such

New Years Eve was hard and I felt so trunky! But the next day was really fun though. We didn't proselyte at all on new years, so all the Zone got together and played sports for like 4 hours. At the beginning they were playing basketball which is really gross, so I played Catan with Elder De Leon (the funny one I was telling you about) and Elder Honings. No, I didn't win. But It was really close.. I ended with 9 points. After Catan we played the most intense game of Ultimate Frisbee. there was just a lot of violence and I also got trampled in one instance and you should have seen Sis B she went NUTS and started screaming her head off at Elders. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? SHE IS SO SMALL!" She was mad at them, hahah! We then went to eat and spent lots of time talking about my love of MBTI (Myers Briggs Personality). They all really liked it. Elder Cornejo really thinks that it could change the whole face of missionary work. He called me at 6:30 in the morning and went on and on about how he couldn't sleep last night because he was thinking about MBTI and how helpful it would be in working with members and other missionaries. He wants me to study the member missionary plans and figure out which types would be most effective at different missionary work. Way cool stuff.

So, on Tuesday, Sister Barschi and I instructed at Zone Training. This was a very stressful planning time. After lots of hours and prayer and tears from Sis b, we finally put together a nice instruction, complete with Ding Dongs as handouts, with a quote taped on top. (We are SUCH Mormons) We got to Zone Training and when we walked in the room, THE ASSISTANTS to the PRESIDENT were sitting up front. Oh Shoot. I have to instruct in front of the Assistants???? I'm going to die. But while we were doing studies, I came across this Scripture in Acts that told me to forget about what I am going to say, and just let the spirit guide, and that's what I did. AND IT WAS SO GOOD!!! Everyone said it was one of the best instructions they had ever heard. It was on the Book of Mormon, and how the Book of Mormon can directly help our investigators with the doctrine it contains. My testimony of that book has exploded this week. SO good. I also know I'm NOT the teacher, the Spirit is!

My favorite quote of the week that I have gained a very PROFOUND testimony of. "You are not called to your mission. You are called to your mission president." That literally could not be more true.

WE HAD AN AMAZING LESSON WITH BEVERLY ON SATURDAY. (she had cancelled with us like 3 times previously) I am 100% convinced it was because of all of your prayers back home. We sat down in the church and let her know that unless she kept her commitments, we were going to have to drop her. As soon as I asked, "Beverly, did you get a chance to read the Book of Mormon?" Her face brightened and she said "Yes!" and she starts going on and on about Lamanites and Nephi and the golden plates and I'm like whoa, I was not expecting this. Sis B asks her then, "Beverly, what to do you think about all this? All we have been teaching you?' She looks up at us and nods at us silently for a few seconds, then says, "I believe it. I believe it all. People came to my door over and over and you girls were the first ones who made a difference (it wasn't us it was God but that's what she said) and it just makes sense that there is another book. There has to be another book." She brought in the spirit SO fast and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I decided to bring out the big guns and I brought up the Word of Wisdom. We taught her everything and asked her if she would be willing to live it. She said, "I've been trying to quit smoking for years. This is what I need to do it. I'm excited to stop for good." she COMMITTED to live the word of Wisdom. She is GOING to be baptized on January 23rd, because she will be clean from tobacco long enough by then. Her daughter is going to get baptized then too. Beverly got a blessed from Brother Cleveland last night and although we weren't there, we heard from both her and Uncle Frank that it was an amazing experience. Beverly is So solid and we have figured out a way we can meet with her 3 times a week. We are so pumped and we KNOW she is going to get baptized. I fasted for her yesterday because I know Satan is not happy with her decision to change.
Man. God is so good and again I am truly NOT the teacher. The spirit does it all.

Anyway. Love you all. Have a good week!!!

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Jeshua Osorio says:
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