December 1, 2015


Frederick, MD


Sister Bartschi


This week was good... It went by suuuper fast. On Tuesday, we had Zone Training and everyone was super super dead. Just a serious lack of morale in our zone and it was really hard. Except I came across a really cool scripture.. Alma 26:5. I just want to be able to accomplish that by the end of my mission. That is all I want. and I was just super doubtful of the mission goal to have two new investigators every week. I thought, there is no way. no way in the world. I was so discouraged, Beverly had cancelled our appointment for the night previous and I was tired....
After Zone Training, Sis B went to nap during lunch and I just prayed for like... 10 minutes. Because I was frustrated and everything felt impossible.
Lesson I learned that day: there is no room for doubt in a work like this.

Everything that happened on Tuesday after Zone conference was a miracle after a miracle. We stopped by this girl named Lizzy's house, and her and her sister wanted to her more about God and so we taught them the restoration. they liked it a lot. they told us to come back. BAM. Two new investigators. While we were there, teaching the restoration, they had this huge ugly dog (by the way I basically hate dogs now) that was sitting there all peacefully but then just decided he wanted to attack Sis B. He jumped at her while she was standing, and from where I was standing, It look like he bit her hand off. No joke. I screamed. But GOD IS SO REAL. Something stopped the dog's jaws as they were a centimeter or less away from her hand. It's like something just froze the dog's jaws. She wasn't harmed at all. She just hates dogs even more now.
ALSO. Beverly hadn't responded to any of our texts and we were really sad about that but as soon as we stepped outside of Lizzy's house, we got a text from her, saying that both her AND her daughter wanted to learn a lot more. Another Miracle.

Also I was so angsty because Sister B made me get up at 6 to go play sports on Wednesday morning and I was like I DONT EVEN LIKE SPORTS WHY AM I LOSING SLEEP OVER THIS. And When I got there I was super cranky about it and I was like, "Sister Bartschi I am going to lay here and not play sports because I'm bad at sports and also tired." and she just laughed and said that was fine. BUT. Elder Tavioni looked at me as they were choosing teams and saw me with my Broncos hoodie on and said "You can't wear no sports gear and not play sports. Get over here, Bronco." And I begrudgingly agreed. And that's how I ended up playing ultimate Frisbee. Turns out: I'm pretty good at ultimate Frisbee. I scored a few times and whenever I would score, the elders would be like "YEAH!! GO BRONCOS!!' Lol. don't you worry Dad, I'm totally reppin the team with my sweet skills.

We had the COOLEST street contact on Friday. We were biking down this sketchy area and we saw these two people arguing at full volume and the dude had a beer in his hand and Sister B was like "maybe we shouldn't.." and I was like "Oh heck yes we are, they need jesus." and so we offered them a card to check out the new Christmas video. The girl, named Shelby, went inside quickly, but we stayed outside in the rain and talked to Daniel for a looong time. It was the most amazing conversation ever. It started with him being like "Mormons?? Don't you guys like not drink soda and hate gays and have 54 wives?" and we COMPLETELY CHANGED his perspective on the church. Completely. You could see his heart was just changing as we bore testimony of God's plan for us, the law of chastity, the word of wisdom, the Atonement.. you name it. he told us how he has a court case on Friday to see whether or not he will be able to keep custody of his son.. it broke my heart. You could see in his eyes just how much he loved his boy. "He's all I have in the world and they want to take him away." I told him I would pray for him and he gave me this look and said, "Yeah, that's what everyone says. But who actually does?" And I love a challenge and so I was like "I'll pray for you right now. right here. I told you I would pray for you and I'm going to do it." and so we did. we all bowed our heads and I offered a prayer for Daniel and his sweet son. After I said Amen, Daniel looked up at me with tear filled eyes and said, "wow. I don't think anyone has ever prayed for me before"
And we completely changed his perspective on missionaries and Mormons. He said, "Wait... you don't get paid to be here?!?!?!? What a rip off!!! do you really believe all the things you go around preaching?" And I said "Do you REALLY think I would leave my family, my home, school, my friends, and EVERYTHING for 18 months to come serve a God I don't believe in??" and he was just kind of like... woah. Good good conversation. It made our whole night.

Also, Travis and Sarah are 2 new investigators this week too. That was another miracle. Travis is the one that offered us rum coke. Lol. That was a miracle too.

Anyway. I've got to go. I don't have as much time today.

I love you all so much.

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Jeshua Osorio says:
That was inspiring. That girl of your's made me cry! I loved that she prayed with this man. What a great example she is. She's doing great things!
on December 1, 2015

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