October 27, 2015


Provo MTC


Week One!

FIRST OF ALL. Wow. This place is great. The people here are so kind and loving and filled with the spirit. I love it. It's like being in a seminary class 24/7. But a seminary class where everyone (almost) wants to be there. It's fabulous. You teach investigators a lot. Like, way more than I thought. I taught one on the second day and It's kind of crazy how they just throw you into the throng, but it makes sense. We've got work to do, and it's awesome thinking that I like teaching as much as i do, because I honestly thought it would be something that terrified me. Which it does sometimes. But it's exciting too.

Honestly, there are SO MANY preconceived notions about missionary work that I had that have been COMPLETELY washed down the toilet. I've started to realize I know absolutely nothing. I really don't. Which is very humbling for me. I have had rely more on the Savior in this past week more than I have in my entire life. I LOVE my teachers though. So much. Brother Kezele (pronounced kezlee) and Sister Greer. Brother Kezele is my favorite because he is SO blunt, and he genuinely cares about how we are doing. He asks us all the time, " I want to know how Savanna is doing. Not Sister Sanborn - Savanna." Which I appreciate a lot. He taught me a lot of things about the enabling power of the Atonement, which I feel as though that is something I've never really taken advantage of in my life. I'm starting to realize just how much I've forgotten to rely on the Lord, thinking I can do everything myself. That's really just a bunch of crap. I can't do anything without Him.

WOW> My companions. They have been.... interesting. Things are a LOT better now, we are basically the greatest of friends. But at first... Sister Blosch has always been just fine, but there have been so many times I have wanted to punch Sister Koyle in the face. When we first got here, she refused to do anything. She was so negative and kept insulting herself and never participated in class. She blamed everything on her stepmother and would never open up to us about anything. Both of my companions are very quiet and not very motivated to get up or get to places on time, So I have to be SOOO over the top enthusiastic about literally EVERYTHING. It's exhausting.
Things have gotten a lot better though. We finally learned how to communicate and now we are really close, and we work together seamlessly. Sister Koyle hates to read, but she loves Lord of the Rings and she has an amazing taste in music. Sister Blosch is the most sensitive little angel and she cries a lot. But shes an incredible artist and her testimony of God's love for his children is simply beautiful. I love these two. A lot. They have kept me going and have raised me up in my hardest times here.
I'm also really good for them because I make them break out of their comfort zone. I made them go to choir with me and they hated it lol. Long hair don't care, It was such an amazing feeling to sing a song with so many missionaries. Nothing better than praising God through a thousand voices, singing strong. Gotta love it. Everyone is singing here. All the time. I fit right in. Sister Koyle hates it when I sing to her though. I do it anyway.
Okay, my district is really amazing too. We laugh, eat, talk, cry, walk, worship, and love together.

I don't need anything. I'm good. My bag isn't heavy, I sleep just fine, my shoes are great, and everything is fine:)
I've seen a lot of people I know, and I've seen Jeshua twice. It makes me so happy to see him. The Lord is blessing me.

Anyway. I've got to go. I love and miss you all so much. You probably won't hear from me until I'm in Maryland. And idk when Pday is. so.

I Love you. The church is so true and Christ's power to heal is real.

Sister Savanna Sanborn <3


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