October 24, 2015


Provo MTC


Yeah! Our first email:)

**So this was addressed to the family, but I thought all would like to hear a little something from her:)**

To my family,
i love and miss you so much. All of you.
We don't have time to do anything here. Seriously. It's so rushed and so jam-packed all the time so I barely have time to write any letters. But I'll try to be better.
Today is NOT my P-Day, but our Branch president is letting us send a quick letter to our families. My P-Day is on Tuesday, and we leave on October 3rd. Which is a blessing for mama. Yay!!!!
Don't you guys worry about me. I have SOOOO much to tell you on my Pday when i have more time to write. I understand why Brock doesn't correct his spelling. Haha.
Things get better everyday. I feel tired all the time. But I have 2 companions instead of just one, so that's been rerally interesting. They have been my BIGGEST trial here, but also my biggest blessing. Really. The Lord works in very mysterious ways. I have so much to tell you about them, specifically.
IM HAPPY! I feel alive and excited and I'm learning SOOO much. There are so many preconceived ideas about missionary work that I have been SOOOOOO wrong about. Like wow. This place is amazing, even though you CONSTANTLY feel rushed. All the time. (Tell Lexie to prepare for that) I feel like things never ever slow down here.
I see all of my friends emails in the inbox and it's so tempting to look at them but I NEED to write you guys and save those for PDAY. I also Haven't had time to read any of the letters you've sent yet. YEAH. THATS HOW CRAZY it is here. Bad.

I LOVE and miss you all so so so so so much. You could not even imagine.
I'll email you more on Tuesday.
-Savy Sue


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