November 25, 2019


Canto Rey


Hermana Luna

The last ride

Hi folks, This week was sooo much better.
We saw the fruits of our hard work and the members are helping us more! On Monday night we visted an RM who has been helping us a lot in the work - and it was cool because he said, "I realized that you guys don't just care about baptisms, but also about helping the ward and I want to thank you". That was a great moment because we felt happy that someone has noticed we are really trying to make the ward better, and we don't only care about baptising people.
On Thursday we had the ward "mistura" which was a complete success!!! There were more than 20 investigators which totally surprised us. There was food from Colombia, Venezuela, Perú, Argentina and I made brownies because everyone was bugging me for them. We went to play that the stake put on with our investigator Deyvid, and then we went back to a member's house, and Deyvid accepted a baptismal date!! It's been a long ride with him because he is recently believing in God's existence, but he has a grand testimony on the family of the church because he is here alone and didn't grow up with his parents.
We had 2 work visits this week - the first one with Sister Isbell from Utah, who has fam in Queen Creek haha small world! And the second work visit with Sister Gonzaga from Brazil who was companions with my daughter (Sister Magalhaes, last transfer). I love and feel humbled to be able to work with the sisters and learn from them. We went up El Cerro this week and saw the jail of San Juan de Lurigancho and it was craaaazy. Fun fact - we have 2 jails in our area!
Yesterday was ward conference and the assistance went up a lot!!! It was so great to see.
Well folks, I never thought this moment would come. It's honestly been a hard week, and I know this week is going to be worse. I know the Lord is taking care of everything, but I am so happy that I came on the mission.
Of course I am super excited to see my dear family (and meet my new niece Autumn 💗) but my heart is getting ripped in 2 this week. I talked to Hna Luna yesterday about how I don't know where or who I would be if I hadn't come on my mission.
To be honest, I didn't have a strong testimony when I got here. I'm not sure why I came on my mission, but I know why I stayed.
I know the Atonement of Jesus Christ is our healer, and that He lives.I know Joseph Smith was a prophet and I am so thankful he had the courage to restore the Gospel, so I can enjoy its blessings.
So many things have happened in this 1 1/2 years, but all the trails and tears are nothing in compare to the joy I've felt helping these people. It's gonna be dang hard to get home and not have my baby bros there (Ammon and Benjamin, not so "baby"ish anymore lol), but I know the Lord's plan is perfect. Plus, I am so thrilled that they get to go through the same adventure I am finishing.
I love you all, am super thankful for the support and love I've received in this time.
With all my love,

Hermana Andreasen  


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