January 7, 2019


Canto Chico


Hermana Rincón

A little bit of Colombia

Hello friends and family!! Woosh what a week.
Oh yeah haha, happy New years!
We spent New Years watching the fireworks, then in the house... packing the suitcases of Hermana Evans.... we had transfers! 
My new companion is Hermana Rincón, de Colombia, but now her family lives in Mexico and she recently got out of her training. Hermana Rincon has finished her training - her mom was Hermana Byers. So she finished her training, and I am her first companion afuera de sus 12 semanas. So I am not her trainer, I am just compañera mayor. She was in another area in our zone, and on Tuesday she came here as my companion. 
We have been working hard this week to find more people who are willing and ready to hear our message. We saw a lot of miracles and blessings this week! On Saturday we started to fast, and once again, we saw the TRIALS that come with fasts. We walked around for 7 hours without entering into one house, because all of our appointments weren't in their houses. We contacted a lot of people, but didn't have a ton of success either. Plus during the day it was super hot, and we started to feel really tired.
BUT. We talked about how we need to not lose our faith, and then we contacted Jessica and her son on the street. Jessica is from Venezuela, and lives with her husband and her 8 year old son. They were married when she was 18 years old, had her daughter, and then 10 years later had her son Javier. Jessica and her family left their daughter in Venezuela because they didn't have enough money to bring her here, and when we found them on the street, Jessica and Javier were on their way to look for a new apartment because they got kicked out of their current apartment. We taught them later that night, and they were very excited to read the Book of Mormon.
During this fast we saw a lot of blessings. We also fasted to be able to find sufficient new people to teach, and of course the number we prayed to find was the number we ended the night finding. Miracles do happen, and Father truly does hear our prayers.
Also, yesterday there were 93 members of our ward who came to church... that was more than have come in a long time!! usually our ward has 60 or 70 members every Sunday.
I am learning a lot about Colombia's culture. I am even picking up the Colombian accent a little, haha we have a lot of fun!This week we had training for Hermana Rincón because she is still new, and I was able to see Hermana Chávez (my first companion), and Hermana Zuasnabar (my second companion)!!!!!
It was great to see them again.Well, we are going to work super hard this week to find more people to help, and work hard to help our ward.I love you all! thank you for your help and support.
Be strong and pray,
Hermana andreasen


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