October 22, 2018


Santa Luzmila


Hermana Zuasnabar

The prophet, a baptism, and faith

Hello friends and family and people and boys and girlsThis week was an interesting mix of amazing times, good times and not so fun times. Lets get started!We are out here in Santa Luzmila, and last week was amazing! We were able to put 4 fechas on people to be baptized. But, as time went on, Satan kept working on those 4 people harder and harder, because he knew how important baptism is. Out of our 4 fechas, 1 of them was baptized, and the other 3 are not going to be baptized. Truly, when we do whats right and we have a desire to do the will of God, the adversary works on us. But we are trusting in God, and we know that when it is truly the time for Ronald, Jeaneth, y Dayana to be baptized, our dear Heavenly Father will make it happen :) But, Hermano Jovanny was baptized on Saturday! I am so happy for him, I am grateful to have been able to see him learn and understand the truth. He is the best!But honestly we did see so many blessings this week! Every week, we have goals of how many people to find and teach, and yesterday we were lacking so many people to meet to reach our goal. We prayed a lot to find the people who we need to teach at this time, and yesterday we found 8 new people. That experience showed me that if we keep holding on to FAITH, and keep praying will see the hand of the Lord in our lives. Last night, we met Juan, José, Cesar, y Alvaro. They are all from Venezuela - their country is passing through extremely hard times. They were and are so ready for our message that we have. They are excited to progress and to know if this is truly the truth.On Saturday, we had the blessing of the Prophet coming to Perú. All the 5 missions in Lima were in a stake center with President Nelson, his wife, Elder Stevenson (an apostle), his wife, and the area president of this region of South America and his wife. What a great time to be a missionary! That was an amazing experience I will never forget. Saw a lot of familiar faces from the CCM, a lot of my dear friends from my time there. This week we truly did see so many miracles, but we definitely saw difficult times as well. I learned that we just need to trust in God, that if I do my part as a missionary, I need to have faith that Heavenly Father will do His part as well. I also learned that the message that missionaries and members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the most important thing. In. The. World. There is nothing more important than the message of the Restoration of the true church of Christ, and the Plan that God created for every single person here on the earth. It is more important than money, more important than any job or any company, and more important than any trial in the world. I am so blessed to know of the truth!
Well, I love you all. I am good out here. I know that this church is true, and if I didn't, I would not be out here.
All my love,

Hermana Andreasen


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