August 27, 2018


Santa Luzmila


Hermana Chavez

Blessings, ZONE CONFERENCE and stake conference

Hiiii everyone! I'm out here, life is good, the work is good ,the gospel is good. Oh wait. The gospel is GREAT
I hope all is well out there in Arizona or Utah or Idaho or Montana or wherever you are. Perú is beautiful the people are great the food is amazing except for mollejas and our investigators are lo máximo. 
I was super sick this week, (I'm good now, don't freak fam) but I ate some bad food at a restaurant and I thought I was going to throw up for a solid 3 days, but the Priesthood is the best thing in the world and thanks to my zone leader I got a blessing and I am better now. 
Our investigators are doing great. This week we worked a lot with the members to get referrals. This way, they can have a shadow that they know.
We taught Hermano Cesar who is about 80 years old. He knows the church is true, but he keeps saying "poco a poco porque esto es nuevo para mi" when we ask him to be baptized, etc. Also, he is partially blind and can't read, so he hasn't read the Book of Mormon yet. We have read with him about 2 times, and he enjoys it. He stays at home a lot alone during the day, and his wife works a lot so she can't read with him. But he really has potential to be a great convert to the true church.
We also have been working with Ronald. As Hermana Chavez said in the zone conference, he was a referral from other elders in our district, and he knows a lot about the church, and has a great desire to turn his life around. He assisted Saturday night session of stake conference, and loved it. He didn't assist on Sunday because he had a cough. But we are going to work with him more this week.
Sebastian, 13, is keeping his commitments, his grandma is a GREAT shadow. He reads the BOM, and he has a baptismal date. I think he needs to gain a testimony for himself. His grandma is great, she is a little too great... I think she reminds him to read ,  she brings him to church and tells him to pray, which is all magnificent obviously, but it's hard to tell if he has a desire to do these things, or if he is just scared of his grandma. But I will try to figure out where his  testimony is this week.
We have also been teaching Santiago, he is about 40 years and works in moto (moto is basically a motorcycle with a seat in the back and like fabric around it, all the people use them to get everywhere. maybe theres a pic on google if you look up moto in Perú. I wish we had them in Idaho- haha -they are like 30 cents in American money to go a good amount of distance) ANWAYS he works in moto and his kids live far away and they are suffering, a lot. But he is great and he loves church, which is great and yeah.
We had zone conference this week SO GOOD it was my first zone conference and I loved it. President Godfrey´s mom is here visiting from Ogden, Utah, she speaks no Spanish haha but I loved talking to her, she reminds me of my Grandma Andreasen so that was a tender mercy. She is serving a mission in her home stake.
Elder Madder wrecked us all about our contacting, he talked to us for about 20 minutes, and said that EVERY PERSON WHO WALKS BY AND YOU DON'T CONTACT IS A SIN. That helped a lot, and I have a stronger love to contact now. So thanks Elder Madder; also he dies today RIP. He is now Chase again, haha. I still need confidence with contacting, but that will come with doing it more.  So for you missionaries out there who also hate contacting I always love motivation to contact haha so send advice if ya got it.
Alsooo we had stake conference, our investigadores loved it. Such a spiritual experience. President and Hermana Godfrey spoke to our stake, and they are the best!
The mission is such a great opportunity to strengthen your testimony. I have grown so much to closer to our dear Heavenly Father, and I have gained such a love for our Savior Jesus Christ. I have learned that they are 2 very real beings, who are extremely aware of all of us. I have learned to trust in them and that they know better than me. One of our recent converts explained how he loves how personal prayers can be, and that is so true! Out here it might be easy to lose yourself, because you are "Hermana so and so" or "Elder this". But I have been praying, saying "I ask thee as your daughter, Sam. I ask thee, FATHER, help me with this" or whatever I need. Because I am still Sam! I am Hermana Andreasen here, but I am still myself, and he knows that. HE IS YOUR FATHER! YOU ARE HIS CHILD! I am soooo thankful for this gospel and for this knowledge.Well I love you all I hope all is well and good and happy and if it's not all well and good and happy, PRAY.

Thanks for all the support and love,


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