June 2, 2019

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Sandra Wearne

Almost done!

Hey Rea!

I can't believe 18 months are nearly over. So interesting seeing you finish at the same age that I went out on my mission. Times have changed. As much as I get on your case about growing up and being responsible, I want you to know that I see the change in you. This mission has brought about independence, maturity and drive that I haven't seen in you in a long time. We all have areas we can improve in, and yes, that includes me, but I know that Heavenly Father is pleased with you and the service you have been giving. Eternity is a long time to continue progression. I need to be patient and enjoy the little moments. I hope you do that with the remainder of your mission time and for the short time you will still be living at home. I know that you are anxious to get on with other areas of your life and believe me, it comes all too soon. I know that I will miss the sweet spirit you can bring into any room that you are in.

I'm sure that's why you were able to participate in the "festivities" not only have you been pretty much a full time worker there at Laurens for the last 18 months, but you are a joy to be around. Your smile lights up a room and you have always had the gift of making others feel comfortable and loved around you. It's what makes you a GREAT friend, a GREAT missionary, a GREAT sister.

You are going to be missed considerably when you leave Lauren's. It's amazing to watch you succeed in the school aspect and move forward into future activities.

I think this week I am going to incorporate some meditation and yoga time into my routine. I am feeling sore all the time and weak and a little discombobulated. I also want to start adding some regular scripture into my day. It's so easy to just get up and start the day with things that need to get done. I need to remember to put the Lord first and all other things will fall in order. That will you be your biggest source of strength as you leave the mission field and head into the rest of your life. Don't forget to take advantage of the time you have now without financial responsibilities and social responsibilities etc.

I love you more than words can say and love that you have chosen to spend your last 18 months in this way. You have been an example for all around you. I'm sure that the Gospel example will shine brighter in others lives once you leave Lauren's just for your being there.

Love you to the moon and back,



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