January 20, 2019


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Sister Call


Hello everyone!

January has been a HOOT! A lot of changes have come into the mission with the New Year! Our mission is splitting into a few missions throughout Arizona. I am now in the Arizona Central Service Mission and i will remain the Sister Training Leader as far as i know. Which is exciting, I love being in the leadership!

We’ve gone from a few missions throughout the United States to around 68 and we’re on our way to 150 missions which is exciting to hear for us pioneers of the mission! With all these new changes and a lot of service missions opening up, we had President Lynn G. Robbins of the Seventy and a few other higher ups from Salt Lake come down this weekend to give us a devotional and to see how our service mission was being run this past few years. I wasn’t able to make it because i had to go to urgent care for being sick but I’m sure that the members in that devotional could feel of the Spirit very strongly and i wish greatly that i could have been there!

We had an orientation for the new missionaries and early returning missionaries that will be coming into our mission. One of the Elders, Elder Greer i grew up with in Maricopa and was one of my good friends growing up. He’s early returning from the North Dakota Bismarck mission and has about 6 months left. He’s a cool guy haha it made that meeting fun to be able to catch up with him and his mom, who I haven’t seen in around 15 years!

I love this mission and the people that i serve. I love the Gospel and continue to feel of the Spirit every day that I’m able to serve! I love you all!!

Sister Wearne


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