November 18, 2018


Lauren's Institute for Education


Sister Call


Friends and fam! This month has been so great and very busy. It has been full of service!

We had two service projects. The first one that we had was towards the end of October with my district. It was in Phoenix at the Phoenix World Outreach Church. They were having a huge donation for struggling families. We sorted food, clothes, makeup. Pretty much anything that someone might be able to use. I love my district! We’re just like family so its always fun to hang out with them and to laugh. I like to think that we made an impact on that church. My prayer was that we were able to soften some hearts and to help them that day to feel of the love that Christ has for them.

The second project was last week at the Midwest Food Bank. We got the entire mission together and had loads of fun! There’s such a special feeling when we have all the missionaries together so i think its pretty safe to say that mission activities are some of the best times of being a missionary. We have some of the best missionaries of the church in this mission, for sure! I’ve grown to love them so much!

There was nothing TOO exciting that happened this month, so its a little shorter than usual. I know that this church is true, my testimony grows each day as I’m able to be around and to serve the staff and children at Laurens Institute and the missionaries in the ASM. I’ve grown to have such a deeper understanding of the atonement and the resurrection and i cant wait until the resurrection when I’m able to walk and talk with these children that I’ve come to know and love so much. I’m so excited to see where this service mission program goes as it expands to the rest of the US and Canada. I cant wait to hear of their experiences and to see how it has impacted them just as it has impacted me.

I love you all, Sister Wearne


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