October 25, 2018


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Temples, meetings, and fun

Hello Friends and Fam!

This month was pretty good

We had a mission foot rodeo haha. So we all got together and roped calves and rode big horses. Haha jk we rode horses but they were stick horses haha, I didn’t really participate in that one. I’m a clumsy one and stick horse riding isn’t on my list of talents. But we did have pretty good food!

Since my last email we also had a mission conference. Sister Kelleher and I taught a lesson about the temple and the importance of attending it. It’s crazy how much I’ve learned to depend on the temple while serving my mission. We’re so lucky to be able to live so close to one! My favorite part isn’t just the spirit and revelation that we’re able to receive inside, but also the consistency of temples. It’s no surprise how crazy and unpredictable that life can be, but temples are always the same no matter which one you attend! You can always expect to feel peace. You can always expect to feel of the Holy Ghost. You can always expect to walk out feeling better than you did before. I love the temple :)

Lastly, we had our MLT meeting on Friday and it went pretty well. I always love the meetings when we’re able to be with the other leaders of the mission again. I always end up walking out feeling much stronger and motivated to be the best missionary that I can be. President Pugmire talked about how as leaders of the ASM we should remain in a position to be able to stay worthy of the Spirit. So that we might be able to remain open minded to the promptings that might come. It was a very successful meeting!

As always I love you all! Thank you for putting up with me this far!


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