August 13, 2018


Lauren's Institute for Education


Sister Hope Kelleher

7 months!

I just think it’s so crazy how fast time flies. It’s hard to believe that I’m already 7 months in. I continue to feel blessed to be able to serve at LIFE and to serve the other missionaries of this mission. I’m grateful to be a part of something where I can feel of the spirit every day.

This last month we had our mission conference at Barney Sports Complex in Queen Creek. I really enjoyed being able to see the other missionaries that I haven’t seen in a while and to be able to meet the missionaries that are just joining this mission.

The summer program is officially over (hallelujah) and the fall program has started. Which means that we have a few new friends to get to know. We have 5 staff with 12 kids and with 5 of those kids in wheelchairs. It makes transitioning a little difficult, but I think with lots of practice we’ll be able to get it within the next few weeks.

One of the things that make this mission so difficult for me is seeing the students that I’ve gotten to be close with get sick. Krew was admitted into the hospital this last weekend and we’ve been told that he isn’t doing too good. After seeing him almost pass away a few months ago we hold him a little closer whenever he comes back to school. So, pray that Krew and his family will be comforted because he is just the SWEETEST kid.

Hopefully all of you are doing well. I love you all!


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