March 9, 2018


Lauren's Institute for Education


Sister Michaela Crawford

A long few weeks...

Hi family!

So to say that these few weeks were tough would be a little of an understatement. I’ll just say that being a service missionary doesn’t exclude you from having the difficult companions and “investigators” (investigators for me just being the teachers and students that I serve). I do have a companion her name is Sister Crawford. I’m haven’t officially met her yet but I do know that she is autistic, bipolar, and ADHD. I’m kinda nervous for what is expected of me as a companion for her and I’m a little confused with what I can do to help her. I’ve tried reaching out a few times but I haven’t heard anything back. So I can only hope and pray that I’m the companion that she needs right now as she starts her mission. Hopefully we can help each other out. I’ve been struggling a couple weeks about feeling inadequate and with maintaining motivation so let’s hope and pray that changes also bc I think it’s keeping me from being the best missionary that I can be and I want to be the best missionary. I hate asking for help but prayers to help me out with this would be GREATLY appreciated ❤️❤️

Now for some exciting news! Service missions are getting more and more popular so there’s a producer from the church who wants to film my mission and share about service missions! I think that’s so cool.

Also we have a mission conference where Brothers who work for the church and meet with the first presidency weekly will be coming to speak to us. They’ll be coming to my district and we’ll be able to speak to them directly and shake their hand so I’m pretty excited about that too. 

I hope all of you are doing well and continue to serve others! I appreciate each of you and I’ll talk to you next week/month, whenever I have the time😂


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