September 26, 2016


Vila Matilde


Sister Lee


Hello there!! What a week! Haha! Seems like it has been two weeks, but I guess that it has only been one! P-Day was much needed! J

Anyways! Here we go! Last Monday we went and got ice cream at an amazingly delicious ice cream shop that we love! Let’s just say that they already know what we get every time we go… haha! We just love ice cream! That night we had another family home evening with Irmã Marta and Irmão Adriano again! They are so sweet! J It was a good day nonetheless! P-Day is always good!

Tuesday we visited a woman that we had contacted the other night and we taught her and her husband. Her name is Marcia and his name is something like Guilhen, along those lines anyways. They are a super nice couple and they were very interested and excited about the Book of Mormon. We are looking forward to seeing them again! Then we tried to visit some other people, but nobody was home. So we made some contacts! That night we visited with Chris and she is doing great!! We are teaching the last few things before the big day!! We actually found out that she quit her job to be able to come to church and be in a better environment to be able to follow the Savior and keep up with the standards. It was a tender moment because it shows that she is truly doing all that she can to follow the Lord and keep his commandments. Scripture that I liked this day was Mathew 6:33.

Wednesday we had District meeting and when we got off the bus to walk to the church building, there was a giant bus that drove by, and how it had been raining, there were some puddles in the road. Well, just so happens that when he drove by us, there was a puddle in the road and we splashed! Haha! It was actually kinda funny! But I cant say that it was the first time… haha! But poor Sister Lee, it was a shock for her! We had splits this day as well with the Sisters from Vila Carrão. They are so great! I stayed with Sister Conceição and Sister Lee stayed with Sister Rojas. Sister Conceição and I went and did some service gluing handles on paper bags. I was astounded and still cannot believe that for 500 bags, this lady gets paid R$12. That’s like $4. For 500 bags. It baffles me. So it was nice to be able to help her out a bit! We tried to visit some others as well, but nobody was home. So we went and visited one of their recent converts that owns a pizzeria! They are so great! We taught their 16 year old son and he accepted Baptism! That was exciting! And that was really it that day!

Thursday we woke up and did Zumba with Sister Rojas! It was so much fun!! She is so sweet! She gave us the DVD for us to be able to do it at home! We have been looking for a Zumba video, but were never able to find one! We were pumped about that! We went back to our area after studies and had lunch and then headed out! We went an visited Sueli and she is so amazing! She just asked us questions about everything she didn’t understand. And we could tell that she was keeping up with the goal we made to read the Book of Mormon everyday. We could see the difference in her semblance. She was happier. It was so neat. She was surprised about when we said that one of us will possible be leaving because of transfers before the date of her baptism. She is still on the line about coffee and it is still difficult for her. But she is progressing so much. She is a living testimony that daily study of the scriptures, and especially the Book of Mormon, is part of the key to happiness. It truly does make a difference, whether you see it or not. Then we went and visited Davi and that was interesting. We tried to help him understand some things, but I don’t think he really has the desire to learn. He is happy with his church and just wants to learn English. But we will keep trying to slip it in there and help him realize the truth. A challenge is always good! Then we visited Romilda and that was also a difficult lesson. I think she thought we were just visiting because she made a cake, but then after she gave it to us she left for like 20 min! We didn’t know where she went so we went on a search! She was outside watering her garden! Haha! She is 80 or something like that and so cute! But she also is happy where she is and doesn’t want to listen really. But we aren’t giving up that easy. We will try to visit her again. Then we had English Class! We taught them the alphabet and that was fun! The best part was watching them try to sing “LMNOP” quickly hahaha! They are all so great!

Friday we were studying and the phone rang, so I answered it and it was one of the elders asking for our home address and then he said that they were needing to visit RIGHT THEN! Hahaha! So we started to run around and tidy everything up! Thank goodness we just had to do a light sweeping and put some things in our suitcases, but it was so funny! We were running around the two of us to make sure that everything was in line for them to come and visit! Just as we finished, the doorbell rang! It was perfect timing! Haha! We passed with an A+! Whoo hoo! It was honestly fun! It was Elder and Sister Lima that came and visited us, they are the Senior Couple that serves in our mission! Then we went and had lunch and headed out to work. Oh man, it was hot on Friday!! We were dying! It was like a summer day! Poor Sister Lee is NOT used to the heat at all and she is so fair, so she has to be really careful! We went and taught Luis. It was a reference that was passed to Bishop Thiago that he passed to us! This guy is wonderful! Truly ready for the Gospel. He already knew basically everything that we were saying! But he is super excited about the Book of Mormon and he also accepted Baptism without hesitation! Then we tried visiting some more investigators, but once again nobody was home so we made contacts! It was a really great day!

Saturday was another good one! The best part of the day was that night! Our stake had a women's activity because of the Women’s Conference and that was so great! Lots of Brazilian culture and it was a blast! Sister Lee and I were saying that we wanted to just bottle it up and send it to everyone to capture the whole experience, because just telling about it and sending pics doesn’t do it justice! But it was so great!! We went with Sueli! We were so happy that she decided to come the best part of the night was when she turned to me and said that she will be baptized on the 9th of October! I was SO happy!! It was so amazing to see her so happy about it as well! We are so excited for her! I will have to ask president for special permission if I am transferred to be able to come back and be here for her Baptism! But really though. She is nervous to not have the both of us there, Sister Lee and I. But we have faith in the Lord that all will work out according to His will. It was wonderful! All of the women from each ward in the stake presented a dance from a region in Brasil that they were assigned! It was so much fun!! Our ward was assigned Nordeste! It is the North part of Brasil that has beaches! They did great! Clearly they were the best! J It was fun! They had food from all of the regions as well and that was cool! The only thing we ate though was a piece of cake and then some soup. We should not have eaten the soup……. As we were leaving there was a guy selling Peter Pan peanut butter, so we had to buy some! They don’t have peanut butter in Brasil! We were SO happy! So our miracles that day were Sueli and peanut butter! :)

Sunday! So all night long Sister Lee and I were sick to the stomach!! The soup made us sick! And while we were at church, we came to find out that it made the whole stake sick!! Haha! We gave talks in church and we had just found out the night before that we were speaking!! But it was awesome, because we were able to follow the spirit. Sister Lee spoke about the Restoration and I spoke about the importance of sharing the Gospel. After the meeting, Bishop said that we were two angels speaking today. It was really sweet of him and I think it was my favorite talk that I have given in the mission because it was all the work of the spirit. You could see that everyone felt the Spirit during the Sacrament on Sunday. We were sick for the rest of the day so that was fun haha! But it was a good Sunday!! :) They are the best!

And Today! We visited the mission home to grab Sister Lee’s box from her family and then we met with Amilton because I was needing some of the things I left with him and Juliana! He is so great! Amilton and Juliana are doing wonderful! They have hit six months of marriage and Ju hit 6 months of Baptism and here in two week Amilton will too! They are amazing! I love to see how the Gospel changes lives when people allow it to. I love this gospel and know that this is the Church of Jesus Christ in these latter days.

And that is about it for this week I think! Sorry it isn’t too much, but all I have time for! I love you all and see you in December!! :D


Sister Kinnaman :)


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