September 19, 2016


Vila Matilde


Sister Lee

13 Weeks Left!!

Good morning Family and friends!

Another week down and wow, how the time flies! These last few weeks have been a bit harder, but that just means that something good is coming around the corner!!

So last Monday we went and ate a wonderful and delicious hamburger at a bakery next to the internet house we use. It tasted like America!! It was so good! We were some happy ladies haha! That night we had a Family Home Evening with Irmã Marta and Irmão Adriano(the members whose house we live in) and that was so nice! They are such a cute couple and just amazing people! They made us polenta! It is a Brazilian dish that is pretty yummy!

Tuesday was a challenging day, but still good. We have been visiting a young man named Jander, well he is actually 26, but ya know. We visited him that day and it did not really go as we had planned. But that happens. He still hasn’t come to church, and it doesn’t seem like he has plans to make a visit. He keeps saying that he will, but still hasn’t. He is a wonderful person and is very smart, but isn’t progressing as he needs to. We will try a few more times to help him understand the importance of going to church on Sunday. We are still hopeful! Then we had a few more visits planned, but nobody was home. So we tried to visit some of our other investigators and still, nobody was home or didn’t want to come to the door. But that is alright. That night when we got home, after planning, I was looking in the Personal Progress book in Divine Nature. I am doing some of the activities and it is great! I was doing Divine Nature 2 and one of the scriptures it has you look up is Proverbs 31:10-31. And that was the third time that I had seen that scripture referenced in the last two days! So I really decided to look at it well. It was a nice little scripture study about the Divine Nature of women as Daughters of Gad and I invite you all to read it! Even if you are a guy, to see how a Daughter of God should be!

Wednesday we had our weekly District Meeting and we learned about the Importance of The Book of Mormon in conversion and it was really neat! We learned how we can better use the Book of Mormon in our lessons to help them understand and feel the spirit. It was great! In the middle of the meeting, the President’s Assistants came and visited us! Haha! It was cool because one of the Elders is from my MTC District! So that was cool! We visited Sueli that afternoon and she finally accepted a Baptismal date!!! YAY!! We just asked tons of questions and tried to help her understand how much she has learned since she started coming to church and accepting our visits. She always said that she wasn’t ready and that she wanted to know more, so we were finally able to help her realize how much she has learned with the help of the Spirit. So we are really excited about that! If you guys could pray for her to have the desire to stop drinking coffee, I know that will help her as well. That is really the only thing at the moment, she doesn’t have the desire to stop drinking coffee, and once she doesn’t, she is set to be baptized! Cevada is something that the members here drink in place of coffee. It’s an herbal thing apparently, so we got her some of that and we hope that she will like it. Then we visited Davi and we introduced the Book of Mormon to him! And since he wants to learn English so much, we gave him one in English and Portuguese! Whoo! He was excited and so grateful for the books.

Thursday we had lunch with Irmã Rosani and her daughter Giovanna! They are so cute! Irmã Rosani has such a love for missionary work she is so great! Then we went and visited Agata. She is so great! We met her a few weeks ago while we were waiting for a bus and then she started talking to us! Since we were in the area, we stopped by to see her! She is 17 and has so much faith! We only had time to introduce O Livro de Mórmon, but it was still good! So we are looking forward to seeing her again! This day I studied 1 Peter 5. It is such a great chapter!! So great! I learned so much from it and it has very comforting verses letting us know about how much the Lord cares for us and that He will always be there for us. It was also Elder Rash’s 20th Birthday today so you know; we celebrated by making Banana Splits! Haha! Happy Birthday Elder Rash!

Friday was another challenging day. We visited Carol, but she is having a very hard time knowing what is what right now, so if you guys could pray for her health and for the spirit to testify to her once more of the truthfulness of the Gospel, I know it will help her. We also visited Chris, who will be baptized on the 15th of Outubro. We finished O Evangelho de Cristo with her and she is doing great and progressing well! Please pray for her to stay strong in her decision to get baptized. Alma 17:2-3 was a good chunk of scriptures that Sister Lee and I enjoyed this day!

Saturday we were given money for lunch so we thought that we would go eat at a bakery/restaurant that everyone says is so good! So we got our food and ate and it was yummy! Then we went to pay and oh man….. it was SO expensive! We had no idea! So that was kinda funny to see the ladies at the cash register look at the deer in the headlights look on our faces haha! But it all ended well. Needless to say, it was a once in a lifetime experience eating there! We then went and visited Raimunda! She is the mother in law of a member and she is wonderful! She went a while ago, but was traveling and got back this last week, so we jumped on the opportunity to visit her! She accepted Baptism as well and we were so happy! Then we visited Ingrid and she is doing good as well! Just need one more document to be able to mark the wedding and then she will be baptized! She is so great!

Sunday was an amazing day at church! As usual! Sundays are just wonderful! This ward is great! And also just church in general is wonderful! Some of the things I liked about Sacrament meeting this last week was the one of the Hymns we sang. It is All is Well . But there is a really neat line in Portuguese that says, ‘’Mas não deveis desanimar se tendes Deus para nos amar.’’ Basically it says that we have no reason to be sad or upset because we have a God that loves us. I just really enjoyed that line and it touched my heart! I also liked a line that one of the speakers said! ‘’Nossas escolhas demostra claramente quem nos somos.’’ Our choices show clearly who we really are. Just think about that. I enjoyed it. We had lunch with Taty and Ericks and they are so great! They gave us some marriage and dating advice and that was fun! She cooks so well, but she loves to give us so much food! I don’t think I have ever been so full in my life! I literally had to unzip my skirt a bit to feel a bit of relief! Haha! It was funny! But she made brownies for dessert. Wow. She knows me. Haha! It was delish! And they were hot and then she put a scoop well two, of ice cream and then cut up strawberries on top of it! It was a little piece of heaven! Then we visited Marta and Adriano for a bit and they just love us and we love them! Every Sunday and Monday night we sing for them! They are the best! But then Sister Lee had a migraine so we went back and she laid down for a bit and then actually ended up throwing up because it was so strong. Poor girl. It has been quite an interesting week health wise for us haha… but we are trying to get better!
Monday! Today! As we were leaving this morning to come email, Irmã Marta and Irmão Adriano stopped us as we were leaving and they offered us some melon and a green health shake! It was so sweet of them! We were already dancing and laughing! It is so nice to have them! They really do brighten our day! They call us their granddaughters IT is so sweet! They really are like Grandparents!
And that was our week here on our side of the world! Always good and working and learning! And sweating too haha! It is starting to get hot again! Here comes the tan and super blonde hair again! Whoo hoo! I love being a missionary! I am so grateful to be here doing the Lord’s sacred work.
Have a wonderful week all and don’t forget to study the scriptures and pray every single day!! And also, get ready for General Conference! Start writing down questions and things that you are needing to learn from General Conference, and I promise you that you will get an answer from the speakers at General Conference. Do all that you can to prepare for it and all that you can to watch it. I love you all!!!

Com Amor,
Sister Kinnaman


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