September 5, 2016


Vila Matilde


Sister Lee


Hello all!!

This week was a good one! I titled the subject line studies because this week i had some amazing studies during personal and companionship studies! And that was one of the hilights of the week!

Last P-day we spent at the Shopping Aricanduva, which is apparently the biggesset shopping mall in all of Latin America! Just so happens that it is part of our area! whoo hoo! We jsut walked around and looked around and got out for a bit! It was nice!

Tuesday we had one of the first amazing studies! One of the members here had asked us to help with the Seminary Class that night, so we were studying for that and the class was going to be on 1 Samuel 4-11. So we started reading them and it is so confusing!! So we started looking up things and using the topical giude and bible dictionary and looking up footnotes and it just turned out amazing! We learned so much! So i invite you guys to do the same thing! When studing the sctiptures, yes, sometimes it is difficult to understand, but when we use the sources that we have been given, it will help us to have a better understanding and it will make it more applicable to our live. I can testify that the scriptures were writen for each one us individually and that every verse in them, can be applied to our lives and help us become more loyal diciples of Christ. They can lift us up when nothing else can. They truly are inspired by God and are a gift and tender mercy that we have here on the earth. So never stop studying the words of God and our modern day leaders. They are the key. Okay, sorry for preaching to you. The rest of the day was great! We visited Davi, who is a miracle guy! I dont remember if i said or not, but he is the guy that we found one day on the street after our phone had been stolen, and we were able to get his number agin! We were also really wanting to go to the Seminary Class, but we got a call from our leaders saying that we had to be home at 8 that night becuase apparently there was some expected viollence becuase the Presinent of Brasil was being impeached or something along those lines. the class started at 7:30, so it wasnt enough time to go and help out. But we got an amazing companionship study out of it! So we are grateful for that!!

Wednesday we had our normal District Meeting and that was good! Sister Lee and I did a training together about the importance of the Spirit in Conversion. I think it went pretty well! We finally got more Book of Mormons! We only had one for a while and we had given it away on Sunday. Its not good when stock runs out! haha! We were pretty excited! I was a bit sick that afternoon and was having some of my stomach issues again, so we didnt get a whole lot dont that afternoon. But that night we had a visit marked with Chris! And that was great! She is still firm for Baptism on the 18th of September and we are so excited. I dont know if ihave written about her, becaue i havent had time to write the last few weeks, but she is the wife of a member here in our ward. They have been married for 10 years and she is just now opening her heart to the Gospel. She really did not like the Church or the members before, but she has just recently had a change of heart, and has realized the greatness of the Gospel of
Christ. She is such an amazing woman and the whole family really is just wonderful. They have one son together, Dudu, and then they have three other kids from other marriages. Chris one daughter, monique who is 17 and investigating the church as well. And Irmão Alexandre has two sons who are 16 and 18 and they are living in the US right now! So they are just a wonderful family and it has been such a great experience and opportunity to see them grow closer as a family and have more love and the spirit stronger in their home. This really is the best part of the mission, seeing the change that people have in their life and seeing them come to know their Savior and Heavenly Father. So she is progressing great and we are so excited to continue helping her!

Thursday we had an amazing day! one of the hightest day in numbers i have had in a while! We just worked like never before! It was amazing! Wehen we got home we were so dead tired, but it is actualy very gratifying (idk if that is a word in english but i dont remember how to say it correctly sorry!) to come home and just be hurting and tired, but with a smile on your face that you know you did everything that you needed to do. We were looking for a reference that one of our investigators gave us, but we couldnt find it, so Sister Lee had the bright idea to just knock on doors! So we did! Even though it is one of my least favorite things to do. It was worth it. We met this elderly lady, Romilda, and she is so cute! She never got married, but she just treated us like daughters! We are super excited to start teaching her! and we visited Jacinto, the man that has read the Book of Mormom three times literally cover to cover, and is on his second time reading Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price. he is amazing! he finally committed to a date to come to church and we are SO excited!!! He has already accepted Baptism, just needs to come to church at least three times, and then he will be able to! He will be haviing a surgery and will be spending some time away from his restraunt, so he will finally be able to come to church. That night we had our weeklly English class and that was so neat! We had challenged them to write their testimonies and then we would hlelp them translate them to English and our challenge was for them to bear their testimonies on Fast Sunday in English. It was so neat to see theese people bear their testimonies. Even though they were simple, they were powerful and the Spirit was certainly there. We had some investigators there and it was so neat to see them stating the things that they are learning. Carol said that she knows that this is the Church of Christ and that was a tender mercy. She had said before taht she had some doubts, and it was such a tender moment to hear her say those words with confidence in her voice. It was a successful day!

Friday we visited Ingrid and this next week they are finlaly going to mark their wedding!! Yay! They were just waiting for Clleber to turn 17 to mark it and his birthday was Saturday (the day after this day that i am talking about). We finished the Plan of Salvation with her and she is so amazing! She didnt know about so many things that are a part of the plan of Salvatoin. It is so neat to see people start to understand and gain testimonies of the simple truths of the Gospel. She is such a great woman and she will do great things in the church. So she will be getting baptized on their wedding day! Probabl here in a month!

Saturday we had another full day! We had lunch with some members who are just amazing! We love them so much and they really are like our family here. We are so grateful to have them! Then we stopped by Clebber´s birthday party and gave him the cake we made for him and visited a bit with Ingrid. One thing that Sister Lee and i say a lot is ´´They dont care how much you know until they know how much you care´´. So we try to alsays show and verbalize how much we really do care about them. With all of our investigators. Then we visited a family that was less active for a while and is starting to come back. They are so amazing! I am telling you, this ward is amazing!

And to prove it even more so, i will talk about Sunday. We had a fast and testimony meeting that was so full of the spirit. It was truly amazing! Sister Lee and i were balling! haha! The Spirit there was so string. These members are so strong. They amaze me everyday. I know that they know their Savior. I think i got four sticknotes worth of notes from everyones testimonies. it was amazing! Vânia shared here testimony and so did Chris! They were jus marvelous! I love it so much, being able to hear the miracles and tender mercies that the Lord places in our lives. Then for lunch Carol had invited us to her family party for her sons birthday! It was awesome! We really did feel like family there. That evening we were inviteed to a Family Home Evening with Chris and Alexandre and Elon and Livia! Some members from the ward. It was great! We gave a message about charity and it was just great! Something that we can all strive to be more perfect in. I love this Gospel.

And today! i think we are just going to write letters and visit our neighbors, Irmã Marta and Irmão Adriano! I also need to buy a new bag becuase mine broke again yesterday and there is no saving it this time! haha! Overlal, i am learning a lot here on the mission, and yes it is hard. So difficult. The hardest thing i have ever done. But it also the most rewarding and the thing that is helping me become closer to my Father in Heaven and my Savior and i am learning how to truly rely on them. It is such a wonderful thing. I am so grateful for this time i have to apply the Gospel more in my life and also to help others come to know of the Gospel of Christ and apply it in their lives and expiriment and taste of the Fathers love for them. I know that this is the true church of Christ. I know that he Lives. I know that Heavenly Father loves all of His children. And we are all His children. I share these things with you in the name of Jesust Chist. Amen.

Com muito amor,

Sister Kinnaman :)


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