August 8, 2016


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Sister Lee

Guns and things ;)

Howdy Y'all!

Monday we had to go to the doctors office for him to interpret my results from the exam i had a few weeks ago, and guess what? They didn't find anything! They said there is nothing wrong with me but that i probably have an allergy to some of the foods here. So we are going to try an find oust what the allergy is to! Thanks for the prayers and everything! Then we had Mr. Cheney's cookies which are SO great! It is a shop that has american cookies and they are just the best! Just was a little taste of home! And then going home that night we got a bit lost because it was dark and it was a new place, but we managed to find our way so its okay! We were blessed that is for sure!

Tuesday we had our normal District Meeting and those are always good. We visited Vânia, our recent convert and helped her set up an account with the church and get started on her family history for her to get ready to go to the Temple! She is so excited and so wonderful! We also visited Sueli and taught her about the Word of Wisdom. She took it surprisingly well! She only has difficulties with Coffee, but that is nothing i haven't seen people overcome and gain a testimony about! We have faith in her and more importantly, the Lord does! We also visited Carol (a different one) and she is so amazing! Her boyfriend is on a mission and she is 19 and she wants to be baptized, but her mom wont let her. She is so strong. She has to hide that she reads the Book of Mormon. She keeps one at work and reads it there.She is so great! She will get baptized when her boyfriend comes home! We taught her mother-in-law (well her boyfriends mom who isn't a member) as well and had a very spiritual lesson about when the Savior visited the Americas. It was amazing and strengthened my testimony of that event and there is no doubt in my mind that it happened. I love the Savior and know that He lives.

Wednesday was an interesting day! Full of surprises to say the least! That morning we had interviews with President Silcox and that was just amazing as always! He always knows just what to say and is truly an inspired man of God. He is like our Daddy here on the mission! It is nice to know that we are so loved and cared for. We had lunch with the Bishop's wife this day so we went there and she was just finishing up the food when we got there! Her name is Irmã Marina and let me tell you, can she cook! She is amazing! So we were eating dessert and then her daughter and some of the YM who were standing outside of their front door, came in with worried looks on their faces and then there was one man behind them. Then he showed us his gun and asked for our phones and things of that sort. I wont go into details, but will just say that we are all okay! And that is what counts! Poor Sister Lee , hasn't even been here for three weeks and had this experience! IT was the first time something like that has happened to most of us who were there, but we are all okay! No lives were taken and nobody was hurt and that is what counts :) I know that there were angels around us guarding us. The man who assaulted us asked us to pray for him, so i will ask all of you to pray for him as well. He is needing our prayers. He too is a child of God and is needing help. So the rest of the day we spent with the police officers and then we went home because we were a little taken aback.

Thursday we had another lesson with Sueli and she is just great and we gain more love for her every time we meet with her! We had English class that night too and it was great! We were teaching about numbers and one of the Ym's name is Juan, and Sister Lee shouted out his name, but everyone thought she was saying "One!" haha it was so funny! Maybe it was one of those you had to be ther moments, but it was great! We are also teaching them to pray in English and they are all so smart! :)

Friday we visited Ingrid and she is amazing! We are excited to see her grow in the Gospel! She is 17 and has a 4 month old baby boy and is living with her 16 year old boyfriend and his family. But she is so ready for the Gospel and she wants to do it for her son to have a better life as well :) It is just beautiful! That night we stopped by Irmã Iara's house and she is just amazing! She made us American Pancakes!! And she had american maple syrup as well! It was just amazing! Yes, i almost cried out of happiness !haha! Just kidding, but it was delish! We were so grateful! As we were walking home one of the members saw us and offered a ride back home and then on the way home, they just randomly stopped and bought us a pizza for dinner! Seriously, the members here are just so great! Not only for giving us food, but for their examples of love and service. I want to be like them when i get home. They have taught me what type of member i need to be.

Saturday we cleaned the church building in the morning and then were asked on the spot to give a message about the For the Strength of Youth to the youth! It went surprisingly well for not having anything planned out! Sister Lee is just the bomb and great at these things!

Sunday was Fast and Testimony meeting and that was amazing as always! I love the strength that this ward has. Their testimonies are undeniable. They are small in number, but not in strength.

I am out of time, but that was my week and I am so grateful to be here and am so grateful for the blessings that the Lord gives me every single day. Thanks for tuning in this week! Love you all!!

With much love,

Sister Kinnaman :)


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