July 25, 2016


Vila Matilde


Sister Lee


Good morning everyone! Hope that everyone is doing well and is happy! :)

So I'm just going to get started because if i don't i wont be able to finish like the last few weeks! Sorry about that.....

Monday was a busy day! We ran around doing tons of last minute things for Sister Coronetti before she had to go. We dropped her off at the Mission Home that night and it was so difficult to say bye. You better believe that i cried haha! I know, i am such a baby here in the mission and i cry a lot! But she was such an amazing companion and helped me so much and i really learned so much from and with her. She will be such a blessing for the Boston Mission! And then it was down to two,Sister Lee and I! Two Americans walking around in São Paulo Brasil together! We definitely ate ice cream to warm our hearts a little bit after we left to try and help comfort us. Ice cream always helps :) haha!

Tuesday we had lunch with some members and they took us to a restaurant. It was super yummy! Brasil sure knows how to cook! Then Sister Lee told them that she is a Conintians fan ( its a soccer team here) and they went crazy because they are like Super Fans of Corintians! It just so happens that their stadium is in our area, so they decided to take us to visit it! They drove us past it and it is SO BIG!! It has the biggest screen in the world (at least that is what they said) on the side of the stadium! It was actually pretty cool! Now, i'm not saying that they are my favorite team, i don't have one, but it was pretty cool to see it! Later that night we were walking home and we walked by a store and there was an elderly man in the front trying to move a dresser by himself and it started to fall on top of him!! So we ran over to help him!! Thankfully he was okay and nobody was hurt, but talk about being in the right place at the right time!! It was a good way to contact them! haha!! They are a super cute elderly couple that is interested in the church! So sweet! They just remind me of my grandparents! We are excited to get to know them more and help them! I can just see them working in the Temple! We just busted out contacts this day as well! Sister Lee loves to talk with them people! Even though she doesn't know how to talk a ton, she has such a desire to help! She is such an amazing example to me! I love her!

Wednesday we had a Zone Conference with President and Sister Silcox and that was great! It was our Zone, Penha, and the Zone Ipiranga as well! There were lots of people i know there! I am actually starting to feel old in the mission because i know almost everybody! I saw Sister Nogueira which was awesome! and i also saw Elder Merrill and Elder Hughes, the two Elders from my MTC District! It was so great to see everyone! We were studying the way in which the Savior teaches and we watched a video, and during that video i had such a great experience. We were sitting in the front row, so i was nice and close to the front, perfect to see the video. The video was a passage from the Bible when The Savior is talking with his Apostles and during the video, when the Savior was talking, i felt so strongly the love that the Savior has for me. It was one of the moments i most felt the Savior's love for me. It was such a neat experience and i am so grateful for the Savior and the example He is for me and the love He has for me and each one of us.
We visited Sueli that afternoon for the first time and she is amazing! We focused a lot on the Savior and the love He has for her and the Atonement. She is amazing! It was a wonderful lesson! Sister Lee is an amazing missionary and she really knows how to bring the Spirit into the lessons. I am so grateful for her! We are excited to keep working with Sueli!
That night it was super cold so we made hot chocolate (Brazilian style) and toast! We had to make toast on the stove because we don't have a toaster, and in the process, our bread ended up doing Yoga! haha!! it was great!

Thursday we had to get up super early to go to the Policia Federal! I feel like it is my second home sometimes! haha! But its all good! When we got there, it just so happened that the missionaries from the MTC here in Brasil were there as well! It was so fun to talk with them! They look at us like we are legends! haha! They asked tons of questions and it was fun to remember how it was at the very beginning of the mission! I realize that i have learned so much! I am so grateful for the mission! I love it! We had our English class that night and it was pretty great! Just that sometimes I forget the words in English, but that's okay! haha!

Friday we visited Sueli again and it was another great experience! She had a different light in her eyes it was so great! Like i have said many times before, the best part about the mission is that i can see the Gospel literally changing the people and their lives. It is so amazing. I gain a stronger testimony every single day about the Gospel. We visited Jacinto as well and he is finishing the Book of Mormon for the THIRD time!! Literally cover to cover!! Including the index and the dictionary! All of it her reads. And this is the third time!! He just has some doubts still about the doctrine, so i think giving him a Doctrine and Covenants will help him a lot and really prepare for Baptism. he is a great man and will be a great leader in the church! We had a meeting with our Ward Mission Leader that night as well and his name is Irmão Francisco! he is great! He remembered that one time i said i had always wanted one of the coins that has the Olympics on it since the Olympics are in Rio this year and he found one for me! I was so happy!! It really is the little things in life! :)

Saturday we had a wonderful surprise and had lunch with a less active that is wanting to come back to church! It was a miracle that she offered lunch that day because we didn't have one! It was amazing! Her daughter in law is wanting to learn about the Gospel as well and we had no idea! We are so excited to teach here as well! :) We visited Milton that afternoon as well and he is still progressing and is firm! Just has a few difficulties, but he is doing great and overcoming them! he loves the church and has a great desire to be Baptized.

Sunday was great as always! We had church and we had quite a few investigators at church which was really great to see! We have so many great people here who are so ready and prepared from the Lord's hand! That night we tried to make cookies, and lets just say that if they are cookies...they are the worst ones i have eaten! But, if they are mini pancakes... they are the best ones i have ever eaten! hahah!! It is always an adventure with Sister Lee! I love her so much! She is such a blessing! :D

And that was our week! A good one full of surprises and miracles and blessings! I love this Sacred Work! I know that the Savior loves me and each and every one of you as well. I love you all!

Com meu Coração,
Sister Kinnaman :)


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