July 18, 2016


Vila Matilde


Sister Lee

One came and another went

Hello this week!!!

So I'm sorry about last week, i only had time to send pictures and i didn't have time to rally write anything! Sorry about that! But know that it was a good week! As usual! That is what you can expect from O Melhor Missão no Mundo!! :D

This week was another crazy one, but as i like to say, crazy is good! So last Monday i found out that i would be getting a new companion and that i would be staying in my area! I found out that i would be getting a newby! I was so super excited! This was my last week with Sister Coronetti and i am so sad to see her go, but i am super excited and happy for her at the same time! :) She the best missionaries is coming your way! :)
Tuesday morning we went to the mission home to get our new companion! Yes, we are in a trio! So we got there and we found out that Sister Lee would be our new companion! She is wonderful! She is from Utah and she is my first american companion! She was so tired because she came directly from the Provo MTC, and had traveled all night. She was exhausted! During part of the training meeting that we had, we already went out and did proselyting! She was so excited!
This week we have contacted a lot of people on the streets because Sister Lee just loves to talk with everyone! It is so wonderful the excitement and energy and spirit she has! Even though she doesn't know how to say much, that doesn't stop her from anything! she just trusts in the Lord and the Spirit does the rest! We found a really cool man that is from Haiti and he so neat! We are really excited to teach him more about the Gospel and the Savior! We know that he will love the Gospel! We also had a miracle with Carol and Adriano this week. We visited them and we shared a message about marriage with them, and it didn't go exactly how we had planned it to, but everything happens for a reason. Sister Lee bore her testimony about the Savior and us a well and the Spirit that came into the room was amazing and so sweet and there was no way that you could deny that what was being said was true. Even if it wasn't exactly perfect Portuguese, there was no way to deny it. I was in tears and Carol as well. It was a wonderful lesson and i am truly eternally grateful to be here helping these people feel of the love of the Savior and our Heavenly Father. It is the best thing about the mission that is for sure. There are just so many things that happened this week i don't even know how to say all that i want to! But the important thing is that the work is going well. Carol finally decided on a date and we are super duper excite about that! If you guys could please pray for her i would really appreciate it. I know that the power of prayer is so strong and we are needing the help of your prayers please! For all of our investigators.
Sorry that my letter is short and all over the place this week, but that is just my brain sometimes haha!
Oh, random fact: So sometimes i will be trying to explain something to Sister Lee in Portuguese and then i will try to explain it in English if she doesn't understand and sometimes i just totally draw a blank and cant remember some words in English.. How does that happen i do not know!! But i always look at Sister Coronetti with a look of dear in the headlights and have to ask her for help! haha! A Brazilian helping me with English! haha! The Gift of Tongues is Real I testify of this! haha! :)
I love my Savior and i love this work. I love helping others come unto Christ. I know that He lives and loves us. I know that He knows every single one of us individually and perfectly. I love this Gospel and i know that this is His church and that it is True. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Com Amor,
Sister Kinnaman :)


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