July 4, 2016


Vila Matilde


Sister Coronetti

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July!! :D Yay! How i miss this day! It sure is different here haha! But next year i will be able to celebrate the independence of my country in my country again! Faulta pouco!

Last P-Day we just went to the Lan House (where we use the internet) and we stayed home because i wasn't feeling all that a great still. But that night we had planned a Family Home Evening with some members, so we went to that as well! It was super fun! I was dying a bit, but it was worth it! We made cookies, and they made pancakes and maple syrup! It was delish! :) The message was a good one as well, it was about how everything that God does, is good. No matter what. All we have to do is change our point of view. Sometimes we don't understand why certain things happen, but all we need to do is trust in the Lord and know that He has a perfect plan and that everything that he does is perfect.

Tuesday we had our district meeting like usual! This time nobody showed up as a surprise for us haha! There are some sisters that had Peanut butter in their house, and they don't like it, so they brought it for us! Score!!! haha! Blessings! Then we went to Pizza Hut for lunch because we were given money for lunch, and that was yummy! Then we spent the rest of the day at home again because i was sick.

Wednesday was an adventure! haha! Well really one one surprise happened, but it was a big one! We had arrived at the member's house and they were coming to open the gate for us and they have two big dogs. And everyone knows that i love love love dogs! So, i went to pet the dog that looked nice, without fear or anything. She let me per her for a second and then decided that she didn't like that! And she bit me! It was a shock, but it actually didn't hurt that bad because i think i went into shock. But it wasn't that bad of a bite! In all of my life i have never been bit by a dog! Well, there is a first time for everything haha. And don't worry, we talked with the members and the dogs have all of their shots, so there isn't any risk for any disease. And the rest of the day we stayed home again. Sorry this week wasn't that exciting because i was sick.

Thursday we had lunch with Taty, a woman in our ward! She cooks so well! Wow! She has an amazing family! Then we visited some recent converts and talked about the Temple with them and that was really neat! That night we had our English class! We are practicing "Glorius" with them and they are getting it down! It is mostly the youth that participate in our class, but the youth of this ward are amazing! I have never seen so much dedication in youth! It is a great sight! I finally started to feel better this day and i was so grateful!! The week passes much better and faster when we are working!

Friday we had a meeting at the mission home with the Leaders of the mission. It was a Counsel and Training that we had and it was great! We learned a lot about how we can plan better our time and be more efficient in our work. It was a great meeting! Sabrina, a Young Woman that will be leaving on her mission on July 6th(yes, in two days) came with us! She is amazing! While we were at the mission home, i had the chance to talk with Paresident Silcox, and that was marvelous. I know that he is called of God. I have been having some struggles with some things, and he gave me a Priesthood Blessing and it was so powerful. The Spirit came over me so strongly. I am so grateful for the Priesthood on the earth again. On our way home we stopped by an ice cream shop that we have always wanted to try called Chup's and it was so yummy!! :D And that was our Friday!

Saturday was literally full of miracles! We were finally able to teach Milton, who is the boyfriend of a recent convert and they lesson was great! He is really liking the church and the Gospel and he sees that it is different than any other church that he has been to. He accepted Baptism and it was marvelous! We also visited Vânia that evening and that was wonderful as well! She is still going strong in preparing to be Baptized on the 10th of July. She is so excited and ready! It's almost like she is already a member! It was so neat too! We taught her about the Word of Wisdom and she had only had a problem with coffee, and it was very interesting what she said. She said that since the first day we visited her, she hadn't drank coffee. And we hadn't even said anything yet about coffee to her! What a miracle!! The Lord really does prepare His children. It was really neat! That night we also visited Carol and Adriano and Carol is also living the Word of Wisdom completely! It was so great to hear that! They were practicing singing and playing the guitar for the ward party that we will have next week! It is Festa Junina! It's a thing here haha! They are super excited! It is so wonderful to see the progress that these people make. It is truly incredible. I know that this is the Sacred work of the Lord. It was also nice to know that we are being blessed for our efforts. Because honestly this week i was feeling a bit bad for having to stay home because i was sick, but I know that the Lord blessed us and that he will always help up in this work.

Sunday was also a great day! Carol came to church for the first time wearing a skirt! She has already been coming to church for about 3 months, and it was the first time that she came wearing a skirt. It is these little things and these little changes that happen that make all of our efforts and sacrifices worth it. To see a person being converted to the Gospel is the best thing. Also, all of the testimonies were amazing! This ward is wonderful! Especially the youth! And then, out of nowhere, Vânia went up in front and bore her testimony! It was only her second time visiting the church and she already bore her testimony! It was such a neat experience! She is a wonderful woman! :D

And today, the 4th of July, was a great one!! It is the first one away from home! I have officially been away from home for every single holiday that happens in one year, because Friday July 8th, will be my one year mark on the mission! Wowzers! Where did the time go?! But today, we met up with Juliana and we went to the Zoo in São Paulo! It was super fun! It was a great experience! We walked our tails off and walked until we dropped haha! It was a blast! And then we came straight to the Lan House to use email! And that has been my Fourth of July! Be sure to eat some potato salad and hamburgers for me okay??

I love being a missionary! I know that this is the best thing that i can be doing with my time, serving the Lord and my brothers and sisters! Sister Coronetti will officially be leaving for mission in Boston on July 18th. :( Its so close! I don't even want to think about her leaving!But it will be great for her! She will love it! And that is what i have to say for this week! Thanks for tuning in this week! Love you all!


Sister Kinnaman :)


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