June 20, 2016


Vila Matilde


Sister Coronetti

Week of Travel

Hello Friends and Family once again! :)

So this week wasn't that exciting, we didn't have lots of things happen, but it was still a good one! :) So here goes!

This week we tried to contact some references that we have received, but there is always something that goes wrong with them! Haha! It is actually a bit funny! We have to laugh at these things, because if not, we become sad and frustrated! Generally the address doesn't exist, they don't give us the house number, or they aren't home! But its all good, its all part of the work of the Lord! If it was always easy, we wouldn't learn anything right?

This week three days in a row we had to get up super early and go into the center of São Paulo! It was difficult, but it was all worth it! I wasn't deported! haha! And Sister Coronetti received her Visa! Whoo hoo! I had to go to the Federal Police station one morning to renew my Visa and that wasn't too stressful! Then the next morning we had to go to a place for Sister Coronetti to do something for her Visa (We still don't know exactly what) but that was fast and painless! We had a chauffeur that was super cool! He works for the church and he is a really cool guy! Super funny! So the long drive was a bit better because of that! Then the next day we had to go the US Consolado ( idk how to say it in English...) and she had her interview for the Visa! We woke up at 4 to leave and be there at 8! It was a two hour drive there! But it was a beautiful drive because the sun was rising and it was so neat to see the sunrise on all of the buildings! São Paulo is HUGE!!! and there is so much traffic and so many buildings! But it was neat to see! So we got there and she got in the giant line that had already started! And i had to stay outside. All. Alone. I felt so weird being alone!! So weird! haha! It was odd. But there was a man there that saw that we are Sisters and he came over and talked with me and turns out that he is a member! And that his wife was there trying to get her Visa so they can watch General Conference In October in Salt Lake! How neat!! We got to talking while we were waiting for them, and turns out that he was a companion of President Silcox (our mission president) when they served a mission!! How neat is that?!?! What a small work right? Anyways, she was approved for her Visa!! Yaya! I am happy for her, but at the same time i am sad because she is leaving me! But i know that she has lots of great work to do in Boston!

We had another English class this week and that is always great! The youth here are awesome! We are teaching them "Glorious" by David Artchletta (ya... i have no idea how to spell his name because my brain doesn't work haha) and they are going to sing it for an activity! Whoo! It is super great! Everyone here is super excited to learn English!

Carol and Adriano and still progressing! They are amazing! We are still working on them getting married, but we know that everything happens in the Lord's time. We visited Jacinto this week as well and man, he is amazing. He is starting the Book of Mormon for the third time and is ready to ask questions! We are exited! He has such a different vision of things and it really makes you think! I love the people here! The members are great and always helping us! Certainly there are difficult moments, but they will pass and we have these trials to learn and grow closer to Christ.

And that was about it for this week! :) i love you all!! I love being a Servant of the Lord! Also, i have been studying my Patriarchal Blessing this week and would encourage you all to do that! And if you don't have yours yet, pray about getting it. It is a great help and a great guide.

With all of my Love,
Sister Kinnaman :)


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