June 13, 2016


Vila Matilde


Sister Coronetti

Mission Tour

Good Afternoon! :)

Last Monday we spent the day writing cards and catching up in our journals! We also found out that Sister Coronetti receive her Visa!! YAY!!!! She will be able to serve in the mission that she was called! Boston, Mass!! She will have the interview this next week and she will most likely leave on the 19th of July! How exciting! But it is also sad because she wont be here in our mission anymore....It will be strange to not see her!! She is amazing!

Tuesday we had our weekly meeting with missionaries! We deiced to have a breakfast, seeing as it would be Zone meeting and not just our District. So we had a breakfast and one of the Elders brought cookie-brownie and i almost died from happiness! It was delish!! :) Then we had our Zone meeting and Sister Coronetti and I had to give a training! We were excited but nervous! IT was her first time giving a training! She did fantastic! I am getting used to it now, i actually am starting to like it! Weird! Nobody was home this day afterwards. Nobody. It is difficult when this happens, but it is a good opportunity to find new people to teach! :)

Wednesday we walked our entire area!! It was a lot of walking! But that is all part of missionary life! There are lots of hills here in Vila Matilde! But it is a good workout! These days it is pretty cold here in São Paulo! Everyone is saying that they have seen a cold like this since 2012!! It has been super cold! But it is good! It is nice to not be dripping with sweat for a change haha! There was a beautiful sunset this evening! I was without words! I took tons of pictures and will try to send some! That night we were waiting for a member to get home from work and we were waiting close to her house, and Sister Coronetti decided that she wanted some chocolate, so we went to a little market at the end of the street. And there we found a man who is interested in the Church and learning more about it! It was super neat! The chocolate craving was inspired! haha! He started asking us questions, we didn't even have to! It was super neat!

Thursday we visited a recent convert and we helped him make an account with the church to be able to start using Family Search to fill our his family tree to be able to go to the Temple! :) It was awesome! That night we had an English class that we are teaching here! It is going well! We had two investigators there that night and that was great! It is doing its job! :)

Friday we had lunch with our LMA (the leader of missionary work in our ward) and it was great! We went to a steakhouse and he ordered ribs! It was delicious! :) We spent the day with him and Sabrina ( a YW that is leaving on her mission July 6th to Fortaleza!!) and it was an awesome day! Lots of people weren't home, but we were able to teach one of our investigators and it was an amazing lesson. His name is Jacinto and he is an older man and he owns a restaurant that is very successful and we talked with him about the Sabbath Day and the importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy. It was an amazing lesson and the spirit was so strong. He promisedto to all that he could to keep this commandment and we are looking forward to helping him! He is an amazing man! He is reading the Book of Mormon for the second time! He is an elect!

Sábado was an amazing day!! We had a Mission Tour! What is that? It was a conference with the entire mission and with a 70 of Brasil! The entire mission was there,all of the missionaries from our mission! It was the first time since i have been here that all of the mission has been together in one place! It was amazing! It was so good to see everyone!! I saw Sister Nogueira and when we hugged, she started to cry and i started to cry too! She is so amazing! I saw Sister Dias too!!It was so good to see her! I love all of my companions! :) I have been blessed with marvelous comps! President and Sister Silcox gave talks and they were great! And then Elder Pinto, an area 70 here in Brasil talked with us! It was such a neat experience and the Spirit was so strong. I know that this is the Church of Christ. There were two musical numbers and one of them happened to be our Zone. And somehow i got roped into doing a solo!! I don't know how that happened, but they convinced me to agree! So our Zone sang a musical number. It was to the tune of Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing, but with the words of Que Manha Maravilhosa (Joseph Smith's FirstPrayer in Port) and it was so pretty! I was SO nervous, but i prayed lots before to have the courage and strength to sing in front of everyone. It was only the entire mission, our mission president and his wife, and a 70!! But i think it went well more or less! I didn't die and nobody's ears were bleeding after, so i think it was a success! haha! The leaders of the mission had a meeting with Elder Pinto after the conference and it was such a great meeting! We learned so much and we are going to change lots of things here in the mission! That night we had an activity with the ward, Popcorn night! We watched Ephraim's Rescue and made popcorn and it was great!

Sunday was wonderful as always!! We are teaching a family here that i love so much. They are so special. Carol, the mom of the family is marvelous! She is progressing great! And her husband is also starting to progress lot. They need to get married, so we are working on that! But it was so neat to see them (Carol and Adriano and their two kiddos) together at church, learning and feeling the Spirit. Adriano has some difficulties so it was a surprise to see him at church again, with social clothes and paying attention. It is so wonderful to see how the Gospel changes the lives of people and helps us to overcome the natural man. I am so grateful to my Savior for His Atoning Sacrifice and for the Enabling Power of the Atonement. That afternoon we went with our LMA and with our Bishop to visit them and give Adriano a blessing and it was a wonderful experience! I am so grateful to know them. They are inspiring people! I look forward to helping them better understand the Gospel and feel the Presence of Christ in their life and in their home. This is such a great experience to be here. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve and to love. Its not always easy, but is is definitely worth it.

Today we got up early and i got to see Juliana! She came to our area and we spent the morning together! It was absolutely wonderful!! We ate Pizza Hut and it was so yummy!! I love her so much and it was so good to see her again! Now i just to see Dudu and Amilton too!!

This week will be a great one! But to be great, we have to make it great! So lets make it a great one! I love you all and pray for you often! Never forget to pray and give thanks and smile! Hugs and Kisses to all!

Sister Kinnaman :)


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