June 6, 2016


Vila Matilde


Sister Coronetti

Vila Matilde Week 1 :)

Good morning! :)

So this week has been pure madness! But what is new? haha! Simply, that is the life of a missionary! But it is good to have a crazy life and busy schedule! It is much better than sitting at home sick!!

So last Monday we spent the entire day with Juliana and Dudu and Amilton! I seriously love them so very much!! I am so grateful for them and the changes that i was able to see them make. To see them becoming stronger and growing closer to the Lord was one of the best things i could have experienced. I am sad to leave Suzano and all of the people that i got to know there. It is an amazing ward full of amazing people. I have a strong love for that ward and all of the people who live there. I love you all! And certainly will miss you. I am grateful for the opportunity i had to work there and serve them. I will certainly miss my comp, Sister Dias too. She is wonderful. I finished un packing my bags and boy was that a workout haha!!

Tuesday we woke up and got everything ready for the transfer. How sad. But Sister Dias and I decided to do the tradition that we had created, one last time! Eat ice cream and french fries!! haha! So we went and did that one last time and it was great! I love her so much! Ju came and picked us up to take us to the train station and off we went! We waited in the train station for a bit saying bye to everyone, and then off we went. It was so difficult to say bye to Sister Dias. My Daughter. We had never been separated for three months! Yes, we cried a bit. But you cant blame us!! haha! Then we started on our journey to the station Carrão; Ju, Dudu, and I! We made it and waited for my new Companion, Sister Coronetti to arrive. It was a great last few minutes with them. So my new area is Vila matilde, more in the city of São Paulo than Suzano was. My new comp is Sister Cornetti and she is amazing! She is actually serving in this mission just for a while because her call was to Boston, but she is waiting for her Visa. She is wonderful and we are just alike!! Its kind of weird sometimes haha!! That day i met a few of the investigators and got all settled in. it was a good day!

Wednesday we had our Zone and District meeting and that was good too! It is a always a bit difficult to be the new person, but it was good! I am excited to be a part of the Zone Penha and work with everyone here! IT will be a great transfer! We had lunch with the Bishops wife and family and that was awesome! I knew from that day that i would love this ward! The people here in Brasil are truly amazing and have a sweet spirit with them. It was raining like crazy and i was having some health issues, so we ended up going back home for a while. Then we made some visits that night and i got to know the area a bit better.

Thursday was a busy day!! Wow! We visited a woman named Michele in the morning before she went to work and she is great! We ate lunch at Subway and that was delish too! Then we embarked on our journey to the doctors office that is somewhere in São Paulo. We had marked a doctors appt for me but we didn't know exactly where it was. And seeing that i am new in the area, and Sister Coronettti was just trained there, we had no idea where we were!!! It was an adventure that is for sure! But the Lord placed angles in our path that helped us make it there! It was actually kinda fun :) The Doctor gave me a strict diet that i now need to follow. I feel super bad for the Irmãs here that now have restrictions on what i can eat... but it will all get better i hope!! We had an English class that we taught that night and it was super fun! There are tons of Young Men in this ward! They remind me of my friends back home! There are lots of people interested in learning English here it is a great opportunity to serve!

Friday we had a meeting for the Leaders in the Mission! The Zone Leaders and the Sister Trainer Leaders! Sister Coronetti and I are STL, so we got to go and be a part of that meeting at the mission home office! It was great! It always is! A Spiritual uplifter! We had a training with Marío Dias, the director of the CTM here in Brasil and it was awesome! We have some great things to do here in our mission and we are excited!! :)

I don't have time to write about the rest of the week, but know that it was good and that I am gaining a testimony of why we have challenges and difficulties here in this life.It is to learn to rely more on the Savior and our Heavenly Father and to become more like them. I love this Gospel and am so grateful to be here serving and preaching and sharing these messages of love with the world.

I love you all and have a wonderful week!! Never forget that you are loved and that our Savior understands and knows us perfectly.

With all of my love,
Sister Kinnaman :)


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