May 16, 2016




Sister Dias

Faith and Prayer

Goodmorning! :)

What a week it has been!! I will just say that i am alrady turnig white again... ah! It has been a bit cold this week and there hasnt been that much sun, and becuase of that, i am already losing my tan! Sad day! But thats alright haha :P

Last Monday we had a good day! We were planning on eating at a Hamburger place that i have had my eye on since i got here and we had planned with Irmã Vanessa and Irmã Tamara to meet up to eat there! So we all met up at the church building and we walked over there, only to find our that it is closed on Monday's....AH! I was super bummed becuase of that, but no worries, i will still eat there one day!! We decided to go to the mall that was close and eat there and one of the Irma's ordered a GIANT thing of French Fries that was drowning in chedder cheese and bacon! I about died haha! It took all four of us to eat it! Then we ate ice cream. And that, folks, is why i am gaining wright on the mission! haha! JK! Its not everyday we eat like that! Thank goodness! Then we went home and took a nap and played our instruments and I taught Sister Dias how to make Oreo Balls! Delish!! :)

Tuesday was a mor calm day. We had our District Meeting and it was amazing and such a neat Spiritual Experience. I dont even know how to explain how it was, but the Spirit touched me. I am so grateful for the opportunity i have to be a missionary and serving as a representative of my Savior. It really is a sacred opportunity. We visited Douglas and it was great to see him so happy! He is getting better with his addiction, but still hasnt been able to stop completely. But he is getting there! :)

Wednesday was a good day! We studied, had lunch (which was super duper good) and then Juliana took us to a hair salon! And there, i cut my hair!! Well, i didnt cut my hair, the hairstylist did! haha! I was SUPER nervous to cut my hair because it was finally the length that i had always wanted, but it was super dead at the tips and needed a trim. (We would normally go on Mondays, but all of the salons are closed on Mondays..) So i let him do what he wanted with my hair! As long as he didnt chop it all off! And it turned out great!! I loved it! He also did my eyebrows becuase i was in dire need of some help there! haha! We made some other visits too that afternoon.

Thursday was an interesting day. One of those days that everyone has to experience. I woke up feeling super horrible, so that was how the day started. We had lunch and then off the and then we started on our journey to the other side of our area becaue all of our appointments were there. So we finally get there, and literally everything fell through. Everything. We tried to visit a member but she wastn home. We tried to visit Silvia and find out why she didnt go to tchurch and see how she was and share another message with her, but she"wasnt home". We saw that she saw us but still didnt come to talk with us. But that is okay. Sometimes that happens. Then we got a call that our plans for that night were no longer going to happen. So we sat down on the sidewalk for a minute and thoughta bout what we could do. We decided to just go home becuase i was feeling horrible (physically) and was already sick for two days now. So off to our house wae went and i slept the rest of the day until the next morning! i think i needed to rest!!

Friday was an amazing day! I still wasnt all that great, but we had our Zone Conference with President and Sister Silcox, and it was amazing! I love them so much! I know that they are called of God to be here at this moment serving here with us! I was dying during the cinference, but i made it through :) I recieved a card from Elder Rash at the end of the conference and taht was super awesome! It was the first one i have recieved from him becuae the mail syspem between Africa and Brasil is a bit difficult.. but it was super awesome to get a card from him! After the conference, we went and hada lesson with Douglas. So this week we were kind of at a loss of what to do and how to help Douglas, the investigator that has some addictions. So, we asked the Elders to help us out a bit, so Friday afternoon they came to his house with us and we taught a lesson together, four Elders and us two! It was an amazing lesson. Elders are amazing. We all shared a scripture and bore our testimony for Douglas and after we had all done that, Elder Almeida started talking and bearing testimony again, and he got all teared up and got quiet for a minute. The Spirit that flooded the room was amazing as he said these words "Douglas, As a representative of Jesus Christ, I promise you that if you pray right now, with all of your heart, with real intent, and pour out your heart to Heavenly Father right now, kneeling in prayer, that you will stop with your problem tonight." It was so amazing. He accepted and So immediately after that, all 7 of us kneeled in his living room and Douglas prayed. It was one of the most heartfelt prayers that i have heard. we havent been able to get in contact with him agian to know if he actually stopped or not, but i am certain that he stopped. It was such a neat experience and i am so grateful for that experience. Later that night we wnet to a surprise Birthday Party for one of the members of the ward and it was awesome! I love this ward SO much! And all of the members! They are truly amazing! :)

Saturday i was pretty sick as well, and i only had strength to go to our lunch appointment and the rest of the day we stayed home and reasted to try and help me get better. Because walking in the cod when you are sick, doesnt do all that well! I need to buy clothes for the cold becuase i didnt bring any! haha!

Sunday is always great! We went to church and before we stopped by the house of one of our investigatos to walk with him to church! His name is Carlos! He is an elderly man that is super great! We ended up teaching him that night as well at the church building becuase he lives alone, so we cant teach him at his house. To be honest, all of our other plans for the day had fallen through again, and i was just wanting to go home and sleep and not think about anythinhg. I dint have the best attitude in the moment, but i knew that i needed to change and repent. So i said a prayer asking for help to me to have a better attitude and have more love and charity in my heart at the moment. When we started the lesson and asked him some questions, my heart was so touched by what he said and i started to cry because i had such a great desire to help him feel the love of His Savior and Heavenly Father. I was so humbled by this experience and am so grateful for the popwer of prayer and for this opportunity to help people come to know the Simple Truths.Such as, That they are Children of God and that they have a Father in Heaven who loves thes So very much. Among other things as well. I love this work, and i know that it is sacred. It is difficult sometimes to put aside the felings of the natural man, but I know that it is possible when we rely on the power of the Atonement. I love this Gospel and I love my Savior. I share this testimonly with you today in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Sister Kinnaman :)


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