May 9, 2016




Sister Dias

Mother's Day

Hello!!! Today is a wonderful day!! :D

This last week was a great week! I was able to talk with my family and that was one of the best things ever! What a blessing technology is in our lives! I love my family!

Last P-Day was a great one! We emailed and i was able to chat back and forth with Cassie a little bit and that was great! how i miss that girl so very much!! I cannot wait to see her again! We spent the day with Ju (surprise surprise) and some members came and took the extra dresser that we had in our house. mIt was so nice to have space again!! What a blessing! We visited Douglas and he finally accepted a Priesthood Blessing to help him overcome his addictions.

Tuesday we had our ususal meeting and we had to give another training about courage! It turned out fun! :) We had to make a copy of all of the keys to the church building for the Elders who use our church building for Baptisms and that was cool to see how they make them! We had lunch with Laíssa and she is super cute! We didnt get a whole lot done today becuae nobody was home and none of our plans worked out, but it was still a good day! We weighed ourselves today and boy is that always a scary thing to do!! But it was in my favor and i found out that i have lost about 4-5 kilos, which is about 8-10 pounds! We are dancing Zumba and eating healthier and it is all paying off!

Wednesday was a great day!! We had a Family Home Evening with Juliana and Amilton and the Elders! Elder Almeida, Elder Batchlor, Elder Miranda, and Elder Ewerton. It was awesome! We spent a better part of the day helping Ju prepare everything! We made food and dessert while she was at a presentation that Dudu's school had for Mother's Day! :) We met the Elders at the church building and brought them to visit Douglas with us! Actually it was the day we had planned for him to recieve a blessing and we needed the help of the Elders! So off we went to his house and Elder Almeida gave him a blessing and as soon as he started to talk, the spirit filled the room (well garage) and it was amazing. I know that the power of hte Priesthood is real. Douglas said that he felt a peace and felt lighter after. It was so neat to see him gettting to know more about the Restored church of Jesus Christ. He hasnt stopped completely with his addicitons, but it is considerable better. We are so grateful to be able to help him follow the Savior. Then we had our Family Home Evening with the Elders and Ju and Amilton and that was super awesome! We talked a lot about Faith and the Scriptures. The Spirit that was there was amazing as well. We were getting ready to sing the closing song, and Amilton said that he wanted to talk! So we let him talk! And he shared his Testimony and some of the experiences that he has had since he was baptized. It was such a proud mommy moment to see him and the desire he has to share his experiences and grow more every single day. I feel that way with all of my recent converts. It is so great to see the disire that they have to share the Gospel. It was a great evening!

Thursday we had lunch with Irmã Nathali and Romero and they are great! Sister Dias loves them a lot because they are from the same place in Brasil! Then we went and tired to contact some of the references that we had, but what news, they didnt exist!! That has been happening a lot with us here! But everything has a purpose and we stopped on a street and i looked at the name of the street and remembered that we had another reference that was on that street! so of we went and visited Silvia, the referral! She is amazing! She almost didnt let us in, but decided in the last minute to let us in! She is golden and we are super excited to work with her and teach her more! She loved the First lesson about the restoration and is excited to learn more! We visited some less actives after as well and that is always good! We had a ward Famliy Home Evening too and quite a few people showed up! It was super fun! I love this ward so much!! :D

Friday we had lunch with Tamara and Roze, some members that recetnly moved to our ward and they are the best! We love them so much! We had lunch with them and then Tamara took us to meet and teach some of her husbands family. Her husbands uncle is sick with cancer and so we went there to teach them and Tamara's dad gave him a blessing as well. It was super neat. The lesson went well and Tamara has an amazing testimony! The uncle didnt seem all that interested in the church, but his wife teared up a few times during the lesson. She is an amazing woman. I want so badly that she has the blessings of the Gospel in her life. We will try our best to help her. We visited Douglas too and that was great! He alwyas brings a smile to our faces! :) And that was Friday!

Saturday was calm day! Sister Dias had a bit of a fever and was a bit sick, so we ended up staying home and resting for a bit. But then we had to open the church for the Elders to use for their Baptism. It was a great BAptism and the Spirit was awesome! It was a young man of 12 years, his name is Lucas, that was Baptized. He is already preparing for a mission! What a great sight that is! :) Then we went back home after the Baptism and rested the rest of the night. Oh, Sister Dias recieved a Priesthood Blessing from Elder Almeida and she was better in the same moment. It was a miracle.

And Sunday! What a crazy day!!! Mothers Day! Yay! Church was great! But none of our investigators came becuase everybody was traveling. Next week will be better in that aspect! But yesterday was perfect! I wouldnt trade it for anything! We had lunch with Irmã Fanny and Sister Dias Skyped there! i love her family so much! They are amazing! So much fun and so funny! Our moms are super similar and hilarious! haha! I love Sister Dias and her family! :D And then we ran to Ju's house for me to Skype with my family! It was truly amazing! I love family and am so grateful for the family that i have,. All of the love and support that they are always sending my way. I know that one day we will be an Eternal Family and that we will be happy forever! I love them so much! It was so good to see them laughing and happy! It was probably the last time i will Skype them, and it was great! It was a wonderful day!

And that was my week! Busy as ever and full of miracles and tender mercies every single day! I love the Lord and my Savior and thank them everyday for all of the blessings and difficulties that i have in my life. Have a wonderful week and never foreget to have an Attitude of Gratitude!

Com muito amor,
Sister Kinnaman :)


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