May 2, 2016




Sister Dias

Last week of April!!


Can you believe that it is May?!?! What happened to the year! It is almost half over already! i cannot believe it still.

So this week was a bit difficult, but still good! We had lots of things to do and it finally is cold here!! What a blessing!! I was dying in the heat!! Literally toasting! haha! But it left a nice tan,so that was good! But it is super great to feel the cold air again! Its only been about a year since i felt cold air! Here in my area, Suzano, there are a lot of trees, so that makes it a bit more chill!

Monday we had P-Day and that is great as always! We had Açai, and rested the whole day! What a great thing that was! It was super calm and relaxing :)

Tuesday we had our district meeting like always, and I love my District! We have a new District Leader and his name is Elder Almeida and he was the President's Assistant, so he is super awesome!! He has helped us a lot in our area! We visited Douglas this day and he was doing good. Still has a few struggles, but he is getting stronger :) We visited Amilton and Ju and that was great as always! Amilton helped us buy our instruments that we were wanting! Sister Dias bought a Ukalele and i bought a Guitar :) whoo hoo! I have been wanting to learn for some time now, and since Amilton plays, he will help us learn!

Wednesday was the fist day of Cold!! AH! How wonderful!! It was delightful to use fuzzy socks, pants, and long sleeves for pj's! haha! We had an awesome lunch with some members in our ward and they have a son that just got back form his mission about 2 weeks ago and he is super excited to help us with the work! We tried to visit people that we had made appointments with, but everything fell through. But sometimes that happens. So visited a less active man named Claudio and he literally looks like Santa Clause! He is awesome! :) Then we cuper deep cleaned our house becuase we knew that the next day Sister Silcox would be looking at our house!

Thursday was a good day. Long and difficult, but good! We went and visited Douglas again, and that was interesting. When we showed up at his house, he was already odutside sitting on the sidewalk and we saw immediately that something was wrong. We talked with him for a bit and he is having a lot of doubts and struggles and was in a difficult place. I think that this is one of the most diffcult things for me on the mission, to see the people i have come to love hurting so much and i cant just take away the pain. We tried tohelp him, but he wasnt really wanting help in the moment. he said that he didnt know if he wanted to go to church anymore. As we were leaving his house, i broke down crying. And we were on our way to have interviesws with President Silcox at our church building. And I am so grateful for that interview. I know that President Sislcox is called of God to be here at this moment. I know that he is an inspired man. HIs words helped me so much. He always has the right thing to say. After the interview, we had our house inspected with Sister Silcox. They said that our house is the cleanest in our Zone! Whooo hoo! We had a Family HOme evening with some of the members that night too and that was super great!

Friday we had to wake up super early to get on the train and metro to go to the mission home. We had to recieve the vaccine for the flu that is going around that is really serious. So that was fun! haha! I didnt feel anything when the nurse gave it to me, but Sister Dias almost died! haha! She is hilarious!! :) I love her so much!! :) Our arms were dying the rest of the day! ABout two hours after the shot is hen it started to be sensitive and that night to sleep was difficult haha! But all was well! We visited some of our investigators that live on the other side of the train station and it was super cold!! There was some people burning things in the street, and i will just say that we walked by super slow! haha! To get a little bit warmer! :P

Saturday was a good day! We had lunch with Irmã Fanny and Larissa and i love them so very much!! :) They are so much fun! We taught Juliana and Amilton's friend, Frank and that was awesome! He is a great guy and the Lord has great plans for him! We went to a Pizzeria for dinner and that was fun! It was super cold again!

Sunday was good as usual! The first miracle of the day was that Douglas came to church! :) We got there and he was seated on the bench! We were so happy to see him there! :) We had lunch with Monique and she is such a sweetheart! There was a YM that recieved his call and he is going to Holland!! How awesome!! :D It was a difficult day, but i know that we have difficult days to really appreciate the good ones and to learn how to lean on the Lord better.

And that was our week more or less! Nothing too exciting or crazy, but its going good here in Suzano. I only have 4 weeks left here and i am a bit sad about that, but i will enjoy every minute i have here! :) I love this Gospel and am so grateful to be here preaching of the Restored Truths. Sometimes it is difficult, but i am grateful for the difficulties that i have becuae i know that the Lord trusts me to overcome them and to become a better person. The person that he needs me to be. :)

Sister Kinnaman :)


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