April 25, 2016




Sister Dias

Busy Busy Busy!

Hello Everyone! :)

So this week literally FLEW by! I cannot believe that it is alredy P-Day again! This week went by unusually fast!

Last Monday we didnt do a whole lot, just stayed home, studied, and hung out with Ju! It was a nice day to rest! And we also ate Açai! Let me tell you, i will sure miss that a lot! It is kind of like ice cream, but better and it is made with a fruit that they have here in Brasil! It is DELISH!!

Tuesday, was a busy busy day! We walkedd a ton and had lots of lessons! We contacted a reference taht we had recieved that honestly we had been trying to get in contact with them for a long time, but something always happened and we ended up not being able to. So we went to their house and it turns out that they had literally just gotten back from the funeral of his mom. Like less than two hours that they had beeen home and we showed up! i do not believe in coincidences. Now i know why we were never able to talk with them before. We are grateful to Heavenly Father for this. I know that it was the Hand of the Lord guiding the work the whole time. So we tauht a bit about the Plan of Salvation and we marked another appt becuae they were still in a bit of shock. They are great people. We talked with a few other people in that same neighborhood that we are teaching as well. We had to go to Ju's house to shower because our shower stopped working... and she is the memebr closest to our house! She is the best! We are so grateful that she is always willing to help us! We also did a fast for our investigators this day :) I love fasting and can testify of the power that our sacrifices have, especially fasting.

Wednesday was a crazy day as well!! Super fun! I had to buy new shoes becuae my shoes literally fell apart in the middle of the street! haha! It was hilarious!! We talked with Douglas and he is seriously so awesome! He was able to leave some of his addictions that he has and he is gaining more faith everyday. I love to see people make progress and see the Gospel change the lives of people every day. We made cookies!!! yummy! They turned out perfect!! Perfect and Delicious! Everone loved them! We taught a friend of Ju and Amilton too, andhis name is Frank. He is an aweomse guy! He is progressing well!

Thursday we taught that couple again and found out that they love us! We werent sure what they thought about us because we showed up and an hour that was a bit difficult. But they called us two angels that God sent to them in the right moment. They are super sweet and we taught the Restoration to them and they said taht they believe in everything that we said! They are grat people! We just have to help them arrange their wedding and things will be great! We went and had milkshakes with Ju and Dudu! How we love them so much! She tried to help us fix our shower, but we almost died becuase they showerhead almost exploded on us!! It was like Ironmans hand taht lights up and makes sound! That is exactly what happened! IT was kind of scary and alarming....electric things here in Brasil are a bit dangerous... But we lived!

Friday morning Ju's dad came to fix our shower becaue he is an Electritian! He is great! Reminds me a bit of my Grandmpa Kinnaman :) So thanks to him, we now have a shower again!! Yay!! ITs the little things in life, I'm telling ya! We visited some other people we are teacing this day as well and it was good! It was so nice to take a shower in the comfort of our house again!

Saturday we almost died walking to our lunch! It was super duper hot Saturday!! We werent feeling all that great after lunch, so we ended up going home because we were feeling horrible.

Sunday was great as always! At first we were a bit sad because none of our investigators had showed up. And that is always difficult when you give your all the entire week and have nothing to show for your work. But everyone has free agency. But to our surprise, the couple and one of our other investiagators showed up just a little bit late! Ya! We were so happy becuae of that! We had a family home evening with Ju and some other members that night and that was great! I love family home evenings! We taught Frank again and that was great as always!

And that was my week!! :) Not all that exciting, but it was produdctive and good! This week will be the same!! :) Until next week! Love you all! I know that this work is guided by the Lord!!

Love Always,
Sister Kinnaman :)


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