April 4, 2016




Sister Dias

9 Months!!


Can you believe it?!?! This Friday i will make 9 months on the mission!! My half way mark!! I still am in shock that i have reached the top of the hill and will start to desend now! It will go even faster than the last nine months! i have learned so very much in this time and look forward to all that i will learn still.

So this last week was full of activities and plans and trips and teaching and experiences! I am never able to write all that happens like i want to, but i will try my best!

Last Monday, we found out that Juliana's husband quit smoking and drinking coffee! How awesome!! And until today, he hasnt touched either of the two and doesnt plan on it. He smoked for 30 years and smoked a box a day. Last Sunday he recieved a blessing to help him stop. He smoked once more that day, and since then hasnt touched them or had the desire to smoke. What a blessing. I know that with the desire that he has to follow the Savior, together with the Priesthood Blessing (in other words the power of the priesthood) he was able to stop. I am so grateful for the miracles that i see here and for the opportunity i have to see the lives of people changing. It is one of my favorite parts of the mission!

Tuesday we had our district meeting and visited a few people and went home early becuase we werent feeling that great and we had to get everything ready to go to the Temple the next day!

Wednesday we went to the Temple!! What a perfect day!! I love the Temple! It is such a blessing we have to go there and be in the Lord's house. We left super early and drove to the Temple in Campinas! We rented a bus and two stakes of missionaries went together. We got there and talked with President and Sister Silcox for a bit and took pics! It was super cool because the two Elders that were in the same district as me in the CTM, that came to the same mission as me, were there too! So we took a picture together as a "reunion" haha! They are like brothers to me and i am so grateful for their examples! The Temple was amazing and i was able to feel my Father's love for me. It took three hours to get back to our area because of traffic. But it was a great day!

Thursday we didnt do a whole lot but we taught Amilton, Juliana's Husband and that is going really well! It was a calm day and super hot as always!

Friday we did a ton of walking and visited some of our other investigators. We are so frateful to all of the members who are constantly helping us here in our work! I love the members here in Suzano! I want to be like them when i get home! A member that serves! I never realized the importance of the members in missionary work before. Let me tell you, it is essencial that the members help the missionaries in the Lord's Sacred Work.

And Finally, Saturday and Sunday. GENERAL CONFERENCE!! How it was perfect! It was so great. I loved hearing from our Prophet and his counselors and the Apostles and all of the leaders of the church. I know and testify of all of the things that were said and testified. I know that they are people inspired of the Lord to guide us and know better the will of the Father for us. I invite all to listen and read and study the words from these talks again and do this in the spirit of prayer and i promise that you will continue will to recieve answers to your questions and doubts and have the spirit testify of all of the truths that were taught. I felt the spirit testify to me of the Savior and of the Prophet and of all of the Principles and Doctrines that were taught. I recieved answers to my questions and you can too. Juliana was astounded with how much she enjoyed Conference. She was like a kid in a candy shop. There are so many people in the world looking for the answers that the Gospel has and they dont even know that it is here waiting. That is the beauty of missionary work! Share the Gospel with all!!

I love you all!! Have a wonderful week full of miracles and blessings!!

Sister Kinnaman :)


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