March 14, 2016




Sister Nogueira

Week of Traveling

Morning! So this week was sooo busy! We didnt even have time to really work in our Area and it was kind of sad and difficult. I miss working normally in our area!

So last Monday we spent the day cleaning our house because they finally took all of the extra things out of our house! It feels so big again! It was wonderful! We spent the rest of the day with Juliana and DuDu and that is always fun!

Tuesday we had a meeting at President Silcox's house with all of the Sister Training Leaders and President and Sister Silcox! It was super cool! It was a great meeting and the spirit there was amazing. I learned so much about Grace and faith, hope and charity (Moroni 7). It was exactly what i needed to hear that day. We spent almost the whole day traveling there and back becuase it is a good distance from our house! But it was definately worth it! I love the Sisters here in my Mission! I know all of the sister missionaries in the world are awesome, but i know that the best ones are here in my mission! Along with where all of my friends are serving ;) haha!

Wednesday we had a service project early that morning to help Bishop Rafeal and his family pack up their house to move! Then we had a Dr's appt for Sister Nogueira because she has had some weird thing on her eye since before Christmast that still hasnt left! Then we had to go into São Paulo again. All of the missionaries that arent from Brasil had to meet at the mission home becuase we had to go and get a special number to be able to stay in Brasil. And that took forrreverrr! But, it was good to be able to talk with all of the missionaries that we normally dont have a chance to see. It was fun! But lots and lots of time and money to travel!

Thursday morning, Sister Nogueira and i bot woke up sick. Yup, it never ends! haha! We think it is becuase it is starting to get cold and night, but during the day it us super hot and then rains and stays cold. So it is a bit diccult. But we are surving! We stayed home a better part of the day becuase we were dying!

Friday we visisted Monique and that was super aweosme! We didnt do a whole lot this day as well becuase we were taking it easy.

Saturday we got a call saying that we needed to go to São Paulo, so we got on the train and started on our way! We got half way there, and got a call that we didnt really need to go until Monday!! So that was fun! But we are always looking at the bright side of the picture!! We visited a few other people and then had a girls night with Juliana! It was awesome! We love her so much!!

Sunday is always a great day!! I love Sundays! We had lunch with a member that got sealed to her Husband last week and they are so cute! They have an amazing story that gives me hope for my family! She is such a great example for me! We spent the evening with Irmã Funny, Larissa, and Karine because we knew that Sister Nogueira would be leaving Suzano because she has been here for 7 and half months!!

So we just found out that Sister N will be stransferred and that i will be training! I will be teaching a new missionary here in Suzano! :) She will be training too!! We are super excited!! :)

Well have a great week! sorry to end so quickly but i only have one min left!! I will send pics next week! I love you all!! :D

Sister Kinnaman :)


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