March 7, 2016




Sister Nogueira

Last Week with Sister Nogueria

Goodmorning! :) Hope that everyone is happy and healthy!

So i will start with our day yesterday, Domingo. There is just something about Sundays that is so very special. So yesterday as we were walking to church, we saw a man that we had talked with a few months ago and he had said that he was baptized in our church, but he is elderly and has some other problems, so we didnt know if it was true or not. But after we talked with him that first time, we were looking at the pics of people that had been baptized and we saw him! So we saw him as we were walking to church, and he was walking the other way! So what did we do? We ran after him!! haha! We called his name (or what we thought was his name) and he saw us, but kept walking! But we were persistent and didnt stop just becuase he didnt stop! We finally reached him and started to talk with him a bit and we ended up convincign him to come to church with us :) We were super happy about that! It is so great to bring people back that have become less active. For them to feel the spirit again and remember the purpose of this life. And what was even neater, is that right as sacrament was starting, some ex-missioaries walked in the door. And gues what? The sister that came just happened to be the sister that taught this man that we ran after this morning. The little miracles that happen everyday are amazing. Tender Mercies.
All of church was so special yesterday. Especially Sacrament Meeting becuase Savine recieved the Gift of the Holy Ghost, two babies were blessed, and it was Fast and Testimony meeting and there was a couplel that was sealed in the Temple the day before. The Spirit was so strong and i am so grateful for that experience that we had yesterday with our ward. It was also really neat becuae every bench was full of people and there were a lot of people that werent there as well. It was just amazing! There was another less active that was there yesterday and he is coming back right now, and he said that he is preparing to go on a mission and is super excited to help with the missionary work! I love this ward!!

We had another leadership meeting on Friday, and it was super duper good. Everything that we learned, was what we needed to know to help our investigators. It was perfect! I love the leaders that we have in the Mission. Especially President and Sister Silcox. I know that they are called of God. As well as each and every missionary! :) We found out that Sister Nogueria will be transferred this next transfer without a doubt. She has been here for 7 and a half months!! It will be super strange here without her! We have been together for 4 and a half months!!

Juliana is doing great! She will be married o March 24th! :) She is super excited to be Baptized! :) We love her so much! Her whole family! They are our family here in Suzano! Along with Irmã Fanny, Karine, Larissa and Derek! They are our families here! We love this area so very much! :)

We spent most of the week in our house because we have both been sick this week, so we didnt do a whole lot more, bu t it was still a good week :) We are going to hit it full force this week! :)
I know that this is the True and Restored Church of Jesus Christ. My testimony of this is reaffirmed everyday. I love to help others Come unto Christ and come to know and feel and experience of his love. To see somebody change and come to know God and thre Savior, truly is the best thing and best sensation in the world. And that is what i am here to do. Help others :) I say these things in the name of Jesus CHrist, Amen.

Sister Kinnaman :)


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