February 8, 2016




Sister Nogueira


Hello family and friends! Another week has passed, imagine that! I have been out on the mission for 7 months today! WHoo hoo!

So it is officially the week of Carnival, the biggest party week here in Brasil. Everyone says that it terrible, but so far, it has been a normal week! So that is a blessing i beleive! :)

So this week i dont remember much of what happenes, because it is all starting to blur together. But, some of the things i remember is that miracles are still occuring! Every single day we have a miracle. Especailly Sundays! :) The past three Sundays in a row we have had people that we had never met show up at church! That doesnt happen very often, but it has happened the past three Sundays! We know that we are so blessed. I am so grateful for the little blessings that i recieve from my Heavenly Father every day :)

On Tuesday we spent the evening with our recent converts Erica and Monique! They are amazing women! They are both preparing to serve missions and i am so excited for them! We acidentally left our phone at Ericas house that night... so the next day was a bit difficlut, but we made it work! :) We were blessed and the next day Erica brought it to us!

Wednesday was bit difficult becuase it was SUPER hot! We are frying! Literally! haha! But we survived! IT was a bit difficult too becuase all of our plans fell through. It happens quite a bit. And for anybody who knows me, i really dont like when plans fall through, especially our back up for our back up! But i am getting used to it here on the mission! :) What a blessing that is!

Thursday was great! We had another lesson with Juliana. Juliana is amazing. I think that she helps us more that we are able to help her sometimes!! But she is like our best friend/mom here! She always has great questions and such a big desire to learn more about the Gospel! We know that one of the reasons we stayed here together in Suzano, is because of Juliana. We both have experiences that are extremely specific, that we are able to share with her and help her. We are so greateful to be able to know her and help her through our experiences. It really is amazing the dfferencce that we can see in her since the first time we saw her. She has a different light about her now. She wants to be Baptized, but has to get married first. So we are helping her :)

Friday we had a leadership meeting the whole day! We are Sister Training Leaders, so we had a training all day! It was really good! :) The only part that wasnt all that great, was that when we were going back to our areas, it took 4 1/2 hours!! it should have only taken one! But there were just so many people that we couldnt even enter the trains!! IT was rediculous! But we finally made it back home! :) Alive. That was the miracle that day! haha!

Saturday was an interesting day! We had lunch with the Bishop and his wife, and when we were walking to our next appt, it started to downpour! So we stopped a few times and when it stopped for a few seconds, we moved to the next spot of cover! Oh, we didnt have umbrellas with us either..So we got Soaked! We were waiting under a bus point for the rain to pass a bit, and all of the streets were super flooded. The cars were passing super slow becuase of us, but then all of a sudden, we heard a car accelerate and swerve into the flooded part of the street, and next thing i knew, we were completely soaked by a wave of water!! How fun!! haha! But it was kind of funny! Juliana came and picked us up becuase she is so awesome! We spent the evening with her and talked more about marriage. She didnt believe that her boyfriend would want to get married. And honestly she said that they had already talked about it, but he didnt seem interested. So i shared my fav scripture with her. Alma 17:51 about miracles. I shared my testimony and told her that we have a God of miracles.

Sunday was aweosme! Super busy! We had another miracle! in the midddle of Sacrtament, Juliana turned to us and said that she talked wiht her boyfriend and they are going to get married!! Yay!! We were so happy!! we know that it was the Lord that touched his heart! We are so happy! i know that the Lord is always helping us!

have a great week!! love you all!!

Sister Kinnaman :)


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