February 1, 2016




Sister Nogueira


Hello again! It's me, Sister Kinnaman! I hope that all is well with everything! :) Congrats to my mom and dad on their Anniversary this week! Parabéns por 11 anos de casamento! I am so grateful to have you both in my life and to have an example of what a couple should be like! :)

So this week was a great one! I dont know if there is a bad week when you are doing the work of the Lord. But it certainly wasnt this week! :)

I dont even know where to begin there is so much that i want to say! Sorrry if it ends up not making much sense, i am just going to write as things come to my mind becuase i dont have much time to write today!

Yesterday was a Golden Sunday! Our day was literally full of Miracles!! There was a man that showed up and church and he is a Golden Investigator! He is awesome! He absolutly loved the Church. He was crying at one point becuase of the Spirit that he felt there. He said that there is something different there. It was great! We were super happy about that! We taught another man a few weeks ago, and he wasnt able to come to church the last two weeks, but he was finally able to come yesterday! We had 4 investigators in church yesterday, and let me tell you is it work to try and attend to all of them and explain everything and answer thier questions. He was super quiet the whole time and ened up leaving after church before we had a chance to talk with him. We were really worried about what he thought of the church and what had happened with him. But later that night, he called us thanking us for everything and said that he absolutely loved the church and that we are exceptional people! We were so relieved!! You have no idea! He is an awesome man too! We are anxious to visit him again and talk some more about what he thought! Another miracle from yesterday was that Sister Nogueira and i are going to stay here in Suzano for another 6 weeks together!! We are so so so so so happy for this! We know that there are people here that need us two specifically. We visited the woman that came to church last week too today (and she was at church again today!!) and she is an amazing person. I dont think i have met anybody like her before. She loves the Gospel and we are working with her to get m arried so she can be baptized. She is a love of a person! In just the last week that we have been teaching her, she already has a new light about her and seems much happier. We are really so blessed here in our area. I am so grateful to be serving the Lord and preaching His Gospel and helping all of these people. I never thought that i could love so many people and love them so deeply without even knowing then very well. I am so grateful for learning how to be more like the Savior. I understand now how missionaries remember every person that they helped and taught and baptized. You simply cant forget a person who has a place in your heart.

We had a devocional with all of the youth and missionaries this last week with the Area Presidents here in Brasil! It was awesome! It was all about missionary work and what 10 things a missionary should pack in their bags. Here they are: Scriptures, the attribute of love, Dilligence, Purity(worithness), Strength, the Covenants you made, Faith, A testimony, Abedience, and Confidence. It was a great devotional that we had the opprtunity to go to!

That is all that i have time to write about this week, sorry it wastn much. And sorry if i didnt respond to some of you this week, it is difficult sometimes! But know that i will soon! And know that i love you all and pray for you all! Have a wonderful week full of missionary opportunities! :)

Love Always,
Sister Kinnaman :)


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