January 25, 2016




Sister Nogueira

Another Week!

Hello there my fellow Americans! :) Haha! I Hope that all is well with everyone!

This last week was a bit crazy, but those weeks are always the best! It is the best feeling when you arrive home at night and you are completely destroyed and exhausted. I know it probably doesnt make much sense, but it means that we are working!! And that is what we came here to do so we are fulfilling our purpose!

Where to begin?? Last P-Day we watched Charly, the movie from the Church! It is soo good! I absolutely loved it! It was a good story and taught very important, eternal principles. I also cried like a baby. So there is that too.. haha! :)

This week we were working with Monique in preparation for her Baptism, and she progressed perfectly! She was super excited and happy and she has such a strong desire to follow the Savior. Then Friday, we got a call from her in the morning and she told us that Erica's (Erica is the Young Woman that was baptized on December 27th, and they are good friends!) Grandma had passed away that morning and she wasnt sure if she wanted to be Baptized this Sunday becuase she didnt feel ready. We were completely surprised when she said that because she was so sure just the other day. We had had everything planned for the next day to go to the Temple with them and have the Interview, but with the funeral and her doubts about Baptism, everything got more complicated. And as soon as we hung up to talk about what to do, our Zone Leader called us and complicated the situation even more. We tried to figure out what to do becuse we wanted to talk with Monique as soon as possible to help her, and Erica too, but we finally realized that we couldtnt do this without the help of the Lord. So we decided to pray. Sister Nogueira wasnt really well, so i offered to pray. We kneeled in prayer, and i said one of the most heartfelt and sincere prayers that i have ever offered. I was really talking with my Father in Heaven. Immediately after we finished the prayer, a thought came to Sister Nogueira, and everything worked out perfectly. How i am so grateful for this experience that we had! We recieved an answer to our prayer. Immediately. And it was only after we humbled ourselves and asked for help in sincere prayer, that we were helped. This strengthened my testimony even more about the power of prayer and that we really cant do this work without the help of our Heavenly Father. It was amazing! I am so grateful for this experience! :)

That day we went to the Funeral for Erica's Grandma, and that was a great experience too. We ended up teaching up about the Plan of Salvation a little bit to Erica's parents and brother. So we have a few new investigators :) We are excited to teach them more and help them in this time of difficulty. It was also neat because it really showed that we arent just here to baptize people, but really to help and serve and that our friendship and love for them is genuine.

It turned out that Saturday we couldnt go to the Temple, but we spent the day with Erica and Monique and talking with Monique about her baptism. She said that she has a little bit of fear about the Baptism because she doenst feel ready and she doesnt want to mess with the things of God. So we talked about how when you have fear, you dont have faith. She knew that the church is true and absolutely no doubts about that, so we helped her to see that she just needed to show her faith and remember the confirmation she had about Baptism. Also, that if she didnt make this covenant this Sunday, that there would always be an excuse to not do it the next week becuae that is how Satan works and he knows the future and potential that she has. She finally decided to go through witht the Baptism, and in the end, she was Baptized yesterday and it was an amazing experience! I am so happy for her! She will be a strong member. I look forward to seeing her progress. :)

Speaking of progress, it is one of the best things to hear about the people that you helped to know the church and be baptized, at the Temple. Some of our recent converts went to the Temple this last week and it makes me so happy!! Because our job is to bring people to the House of the Lord, the Temple, not just to be baptized! I absolutely love this work and am eternally gratefull to be part of it here in Brasil!

This week we had Interviews with Presitente Silcox and that was great! We have an amazing Mission President! I am so grateful for him and Sister Silcox! :)

We had a worldwide training for missionaries this week too and that was really really neat! We learned a lot about the importance of the Spirit in our work. And truthfully, this can be applied to everyone of us, missionary or not. What is the importance of the Spirit in your life?

Anyways, that is all i have time to say this week! Thank you for all of the prayers and love! I am grateful to have all of the support of all of you! :)

Sister Kinnaman :)


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