January 7, 2016




Sister Nogueira

The First Baptism of the Year :)

Hello again! This last week has been a good one! The first one of the year! I am grateful that it was here in Brasil with Sister Nogueira! :) She is the best! :)

First off, Happy New Year!! I hope that this year we can all work on becoming the person that our Father in Heaven needs us to be!

Thank you for the card Patterson Ward! I absolutely loved it! Also thank you Rebecca and Jenni for your letters! I love them! And i will work on writing back! Just be patient with me please! BUt really, recieving letters is the best thing in the world!

This week was a little bit difficult becuase of the new year! Practically everyone was traveling for the Holiday! Everyone was at the beach! So it was a little bit difficult to teach this week! On the night of new years, there was a TON of fireworks!! At midnight, the whole city, (and country of Brasil in truth) set off fireworks! It was so cool! We climbed the stairs next to our house and watched the city light up! We ate brownies and ice cream at midnight too! We spent it just the two of us becuase we had to return to our house at 7! But it was great! The next couple of days after, it looked like an abandoned town!

Yesterday was the Baptism of Alan! He was finally baptized! He is such a bright young man and we know that he will do great things for the Lord. He has such a special spirit and a grand desire to serve the Lord. He is already counting the time until he can serve a mission! He's only '3, but he is preparing now to be a servant of the Lord! He almost wasnt baptized because he almost missed the Sacrament, and he had to come to church three times, and yesterday was his third time. I said one of the most fervent prayers during the opening prayer of sacrament yesterday, placing all of my faith in the Lord, and asking Him for them to arrive. (Sorry i am not very good at describing things very well, especially my feelings, so i am sorry if none of this makes sense.) But i said a prayer in my heart, and as soon as the prayer ended, the doors to the Chapel opened, and guess who it was? Alan and his brothers!! What a miracle! I know that this was a blessing and i am so grateful for this opportunity to exercise my faith and strengthen my faith as well. I know that the Lord really does care about us and He wants us to be happy. Sometimes we just have to ask! The power of prayer is real. I testify of this. I know that we have a loving Heavenly Father. One of my goals this year is to get to know Him a little bit better.

Anyways, that is all i have time to write this week! Sorry it isnt much! But have an amazing week! Please keep me in your prayers!

Com Amor,

Sister Kinnaman :)


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