December 21, 2015




Sister Nogueira

Feliz Natal!! ;)

Feliz Natal minha familia!! :)

First off, Merry Christmas!! How i miss you all so dearly! But I am eternally grateful to be where I am :) Here in Suzano! This ward is amazing! But dont be jealous Patterson, I miss you all so much!! And next Christmas I will be home! So no worries! :) I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas! And remember the true meaning of Christmas. I hope that you all will feel my love and hugs! But most importantly, i hope that you all feel the love of our Savior and Heavenly Father. Enjoy the time with your family, you dont know when you wont have it anymore. Anyways, I love you all! Hugs and Kisses!!

As for this past week, it was good! The days, i cant seem to seperate anymore! They all run together and i cant hardly remember what we did when! Same thing with Sister Nogueira! BUt that is a good thing, becaues it means we are working hard! So i dont mind too much! I am SO grateful for our planners! Seriously, it is my brain sometimes!

Last P-Day, we went and finished paining the house of Irmã Roberta and Vandilson! It was super fun! I am the only one who had patience to cut in the edges by the cieling and baseboards! But I enjoyed it :)

It has been Hot Hot Hot here! And rainy rainy rainy! It is the weirdest combination! It will be super duper hot and humid and I am soaked in sweat, and then in the next 3 minutes, it is hard core raining!! And when i say hard core, i mean that you can hardly see the other side of the street! But all is well! Our investigators are worth it :) We take a shower in the rain almost everyday! haha! It is especially wonderful when we dont bring our umbrellas becuase it is super hot! Haha :) BUt we are learning!

Yesterday we had another Baptism :) Alexandre. He is one of the brothers of Cleber, who was baptized the 29th of November! He has two twin brothers, and one, Alexandre, was baptized yesterday! How exciting! Alan, the other twin, will be baptized on the third of January! We are so grateful for this family! They will all be amazing Missionaries and men in the Church :)

I gave my first talk in Church yesterday here in Brasil! Well, i gave a talk in the CTM, but it was in front of all americans in terrible Portugese. So i count this as my first! It was about the Message from the First Presidency from the Liahona December 2015. It was a great message from our Prophet about how we need to reserve more time in our lives for our Savior and how we can do that.

Yesterday for our "Ward Party" we went around to some of the houses in our ward and sang Hymns! It was so awesome! We enjoyed it! And almost every person we visited was surprised and didnt know what to think because i guess in Brasil, Christmas Caroling isnt a normal thing! How can that be? But it is the truth! We enjoyed singing and driving around the city together with the members! It was a great day yesterday! Sundays are always my favorite day of the week :) Well, Mondays are good too ;) haha! And this week, Saturday! :)

I have much more that i would like to say, but sadly I am out of time :( But next week i will try to catch up on everything!

To whoever is reading this, always remember that you are loved! Again, Merry Christmas! And I love you!! Remember to smile too! :) It is one of my favorite things to do!

With much love,

Sister Kinnaman :)


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