November 30, 2015




Sister Nogueira

Cleber and Anderson


This week was long but went by so fast all at the same time! It was difficult and frustrating, but so sweet and worth every moment! The time is passing so very fast! It has almost been 5 months since i left my home and came to my new one! This last week was really a Miracle. Cleber and Anderson were baptized this last Sunday. WHoo hoo!! They are my first Baptisms, de verdade. I have helped two other people, but they are the first that i actually introduced the Gospel to and helped them gain a Testimony from the very beginning! It is great to have a Baptism in any form, but it was definitely different this time. They truly were Miracles and a Tender Mercy from Heavenly Father. I learned a lot about Faith this week and applied every bit of information that i learned. I also learned a lot of how Satan works.IN preparing them for Baptism this week, he worked really hard on all of us! It was a bit of a roller coaster this week with the Baptisms, but with the help of the Lord, faith, fasting, and much prayer, tudo deu certo! I am truly grateful for the opportunity Sister Nogueira and I had to help these people come to the waters of Baptism and make this sacred covenant with Heavenly Father. I know that there really is a greater plan in store for all of us. We all have a purpose, and I am grateful that i can fulfill mine, and help others fulfill theirs at the same time. One of the best parts about these two Rapazes, is that they can serve missions and bring the happiness that they feel to others. What an amazing opportunity! I love this Gospel and am eternally grateful that i have the Truth in my life.

So that is just a brief testimony and overview of this week! Haha! Sorry if it doesn't make that much sense, I have never been really good with words and explaining things! But this week was great! So many things happened!

First, the Sister Assistants of President Silcox came and spent the day with us in our area this week! It was awesome! Sister Andrade (de Manaus) and Sister Johnson (de Gilbert Arizona!). They are amazing sisters and we learned a lot from them! One of the best parts of they day with them, was when we started to teach a man named Ricardo! We were walking to our next appointment and saw him sitting on the sidewalk smoking and jamming out to some music, and we decided to go and talk to him! He was really surprised and said that nobody had ever stopped to talk with him. We started to teach lesson 3, The Gospel of Jesus Christ (you all have no idea how strange it is to write that in English..) and he said that he was afastado from his church at the moment and that he was no longer praying. At the end of our mini lesson, we asked him to pray, and he said "All because I stopped praying!" haha! It was super funny! He accepted to pray but informed us that he only prays kneeling. So, what did we do? All five of us kneeled in the middle of the sidewalk and prayed!! haha! This was definitely a new experience haha! But it was awesome! We have been able to get a hold of him to teach him again, but we will keep trying for sure!

For Thanksgiving i was able to eat pie!! What a tender mercy that was! Haha! I am definitely missing my pies at PIEfection!! And the craziness of Thanksgiving there! One of the members had a pie and didn't want it, so she gave it to us! It was delicious! It was lemon and white chocolate and something else that I don't know how to describe. Only that it was absolutely delicious. :) I think i want one of my first meals when i return to be Thanksgiving dinner!! haha!

Okay, I am only telling this story because it needs to be told. And because everyone loves to laugh, so here ya go! So one day we were teaching Cleber and we always stay outside the front of his house because he lives with his 4 brothers, so we cant enter due to all of the men and lack of women! Anyways, so we always stay outside and they have a little place that is covered with a piece of wood that I always place my bag on. So it was after our lesson and i was going to place the Liahona back in my bag, and i placed my foot on the wood, and the next thing I know, my foot is all wet and my bag too!! Turns out, that the wood was all rotten because of the rain and the weight of my food and my bag, was just too much i guess! So what happened is i fell in a little bit! And it was the place where all of the water in the sewer goes!! yay! We all laughed so hard! Haha! I hope you guys can understand more or less what happened! haha! It was super funny! Oh how I love to be a klutz! ;)

There has been quite a bit of rain this week! One night we didn't have our umbrellas, so we had to just walk with nothing and hope that our scriptures in our bags didn't get ruined! It was a ton of rain all at one time! We had to cross a river to get to our house! Haha! Really it was just a giant stream of rain water, but it felt like a river! It is supposed to rain all of this week too, but i am excited! It is better than the heat! So I am definitely not complaining!

And for the best part of the week, Anderson and Cleber were Baptized yesterday. :) It was such a neat experience to really help these men in their lives. I don't have time to say everything that i want to, but just know that i am eternally grateful to know them and to have helped them in their journey to the Savior. I know without a doubt that they made the right choice and that Baptism was only the first step on the path home to Our Heavenly Father. I love being a Servant and Representative of my Savior every single day. He has helped me in so many ways and I am only doing the least of what i can to show my gratitude and bring my bothers and sisters to the path that will lead them home. I love being a missionary and sharing my testimony every single day. Strengthening it every day. Getting to know my Savior better. I know that He lives. I know that he loves me and that he loves every single one of you and knows you all individually and perfectly. Never turn away from Him, because he will always have His arms open for you. I share these things in the name of Jesus Christ, my Redeemer, Amen.

Also, if you guys have the chance, watch the Christmas Video that the church made! It is awesome!

Until next week!

Love Always,

Sister Kinnaman :)


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