November 16, 2015




Sister Nogueira


Hello! :)

So I have another week down in the Field of being a Missionary. Yay! It really is passing very fast! Somebody once siad that the weeks pass like days and the days pass like weeks! It is so true! I think there are only 6 or 7 weeks until Christmas! And next week is Thanksgiving! Yes, I know I wont be having a Thanksgiving meal, but know that I will be thinking of you all! Eat some food for me! :)

So as for Transfers, I am here in Suzano! It is interior! Which means that there are actually trees! Ah! What a miracle! I didnt know how much I missed trees! Haha! My new companion is Sister Nogueira! She is awesome! She was in Nova Cidade, my last area, before me! She left there and I went there! haha! So we know all of the same people and it was helpful because we could talk about all of the people that we miss so dearly! She is 22 and is from Fortaleza, Brasil! Nordestina! haha! She is super great and we make a great team! :) I love my new zone as well! They are all wonderful! There are 5 Americans, a bunch of Spanish speakers, and I think there are only 4 Brazilians! But they are all awesome! Sister Nogueira and I are Sister Leaders! I am a Sister Leader again! President Silcox sure has a lot of trust in me! But I am super excited to serve these Sisters and get to know them better :)

Here in Suzano, there arent hills. It is a foreign concept to me. I can actually see the end of the streets here!! What a miracle! Haha! :) We are doing a ton of walking here! I dont think I have walked so much in my life! But it is good! Tiring, but worth it! :)

I am loving teaching here! We had an amazing lesson this week with a young man named Klebber, he is 22 years old. This lesson was the best that i have taught yet. We worked together as a team and taught the Restoration in such a natural way! It wasnt the typical, robotic way, and it was so great! We just talked so naturally and we were teaching principles at the same time! By the end of the lesson he had a huge smile on his face and he wanted to know more and he even said that he wants to do what we do. Be a missionary! We marked him for Baptism and he accepted. This lessong was definately directed by the Spirit 100%! We are going to keep teaching and help him prepare for Baptism! I am really excited and he was a Miracle for us that day!

Sunday we were waiting at the doors for investigators and greeting the members, and two ladies came up to us and asked if they could make a visit! OF COURSE!!! haha! We were so surprised! They are great ladies and one lives right next to one of the members, how perfect! :) The Lord is so Merciful. I am grateful for the little miracles every single day.

This area is wonderful! I love the members and the people we are teaching! I am a little sad that i had to leave Nova Cidade, but I know that there is a plan and a purpose for everything. I kow that I am doing the work of the Lord, and representing My Savior, Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for this time to get to know Him better every day by doing His work. I am learning every day to be more like Him. I love my Savior and know that He lives. I am loving sharing His love with the world and seeing people through His eyes.

Anyways, that is all I have time to write about this week! Thank you so much for everything! I love you all and look forward always to hearing from you!

With much much Love,

Sister Kinnaman :)


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