November 9, 2015


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Sister Campos

Miracles on Sunday

Goodmorning Family and Friends!

Firstly, Happy Birthday Cassie!! :)

So the days are all starting to morph together and I can hardly remember when happened everyday by the end of the day! But it's all good!

This week there has been some weird weather! It will be super hot and humid, and then there is a downpour of rain! One day this week we didnt have our umbrellas and it started to rain, so we waited in a little shop for about 10 min until it died down a bit, but it was still raining pretty good when we left, but we didnt have time to wait much longer! So, needless to say, we got soaked!

Also this week one of the members that had lunch for us, made fish. I was super nervous because, I dont know if all of you know or not, but I dont like any food from the ocean! So i had been preparing myself all week because she said last time we had lunch there that she would make fish for us the next time! So, the way that they eat fish here is a bit different than what i was used to seeing! The had the fish, with the head cut off, and they cut it in half, put some flour on it and fried it. Bones and skin and all! And to my surprise, it actually wasnt that bad! It was Talapia, so it didnt have a whole lot of flavor! And with a litte bit of pimentas, it was good!

This week we went to the house of one of the people that we got an address from to teach a lesson. We went to his house and he was there! So we taught the First Lesson on the Restoration, and he didnt accept our invitation to read and pray to know if it was true. So that was a little disappointing. But what was more disappointing, was that he wouldnt't even accept O Livro de Mórmon. It was the first time that that happened. It is most disappointing becuase we talked about some of the problems that he was having in his life and we know how much the Gospel can help him in his life, and his family as well. It is really difficult for me to leave people when I can see the potential that they have, I think that is one of the hardest parts for me so far.

Anyways, on a more happy note! Yesterday was my Four month mark! Yay! Sister Campos is so sweet and during the night, she had decorated my desk! It was super sweet! Yesterday we had so many milagres happen! The first was that of Jonathan and Ilson. It was raining, and we had an investigator,Jonathan, that needed a ride to church, but nobody could help us out that was a mamber! (Jonathan is awesome!! He is 17 and he has already had almost all of the Lessons and wants to be baptized and serve a mission! He just needs to go to church 3 times before he can be Baptized and something always happens so that he cant come!) So we were going to walk there, and it was about a 40 min walk one way! But then i rembered that one of our other investigators, Ilson, has a car! First off, Ilson and Joyce are like my family here. They are amazing people! Anyways, it is 8 am and we go knocking on his door (well, yelling his name because that is just what you do here!) and he came out, and you could tell that we had woken him up! We asked him if he could help us out with our situation, and he said that he could! What a miracle that was! Especially becuase he isnt a member, but he knows how important it was to us, and he helped us out! I will never forget this experience! Jonathan loved church and still wants to be Baptized! The date for him is the 28th of this month! Yay! There were a few others that happened, but I dont have time to write them! But I know that the Lord is helping us in this work and I am so grateful for His mercy.

One more thing, yesterday was the day that we found out if we would be transfered or not. We were so afraid of what would happen! Normally we find out at 6 or 6:30 who will be transferred or what the situation will be. But Elder didnt call until 7:30!! We were dying!! So, my present for four months, is that I am being transferred. I am a little bit sad, because we have firm baptisms, and i absolutely love this ward like my family. But, I know that the Lord has a plan and everyting will be okay. I am super sad to leave Sister Campos too, she is my mom! So i will let you all know next week where i will be going, because I still dont know yet! I will find out who my new companion is and where i will be going tomorrow morning when we get there!

Thanks for all of the love and support always! I love you! And i know that my Savior lives and loves me and each and every one of you!

With Love,
Sister Kinnaman :)


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