November 2, 2015


Nova Cidade


Sister Campos

Time is Flying! Week 18 already!

Hello! Sorry that it is a day late! yesterday was another Holiday here in Brasil! The third one to land on a Monday! And nothing is open to email on these days! Mas tudo bem! I'm still alive!

Anyways, i cannot say it enough, but the time is flying by so fast! It is unbelievable! This coming Sunday i will have been out for four months. Wow! I dont beleive it still.

So this last Sunday we had a miracle! One of the members brought a friend to church, and the friend ended up bearing her testimony during Sacrament Meeting about how she has been looking for an answer to her prayers, and the Sacrament Hymn, answered her prayer. So we will be stopping by her house this week!! What a blessing. That was exactly what Sister Campos and I needed in that moment. We had so many people that comitted to come to church this last Sunday, and we waited, and waited, and waited. But nobody ever came. Sot that was really difficult becuse it was the third week in a row that that has happened. It is difficult to not think that it is us doing soemthing wrong, especially when we know that we are trying our hardest. And when we know how much the Gospel can bless their lives. What a tender Mercy it was when she walked up to the pulpit and bore her Testimony. This week was a very special Testimony meeting for our ward becuase the youth got to go to the Temple. The Spirit was so strong and I know without a doubt, that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know each and every one of us very personally, and that they will always be there for us. The exact moment that we needed to be lifted up, he lifted us up. It was a very neat experience for us. I am very grateful for the Blessings and tender mercies of Heavenly Father.

This week i introduced popcorn with butter and salt to Sister CAmpos!! She had never tried it!! She also showed me popcorn with butter and sugar! I wasnt too sure about it, but it was actually pretty good! I miss a lot of the foods from home! But i know that when i come home, i will miss the food from here! It isnt too bad yet, so that it good! I do have a longing for Brownies though. One day!

Yesterday was a Holiday for the people here to visit the Cemetaries and pay their respects to the dead. So, being intelegent missionaries, we went to the Cemetary to find pessoas! Haha! How perfect! We went and talked with people about the Plan of Salvation! It was great! A little bit difficult at first becuase we didnt know what to say, but we eventually got over the fiear and just talked! After the Cemetary, we went to a park in São Paulo chamada Parque Ibirapuera! oh my goodness it was so neat! So much fun! it is huge! They have so many cool things to do there! And so many trees and green! They have basketball courts, volleyball courts, quadras to play futebol, playgrounds, ponds, you can feed the swans and ducks, and many other things!
We climbed the giant trees, rented bikes and rode around the park, played the games, i helped some of the missionaries with English, and much more! It was so much fun and so much like Brasil! It was also nice to get out of our Area and explore the city a bit more!

So that is really all that happened this week! it was a great week and we are working our tails off here! next week is transfers, so we will see what happens with Sister Campos and I!

Ate próxima semana! Muito Amor!

Sister Kinnaman :)


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